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  1. On the 30th of Sept I purchased a email account with spamcop. I have never been able to log in as it always says my password/account is invalid. I have sent numerous emails and submitted several web forms on the issue. I have only received automated replies. I have even gone so far as calling the number that paypal provided in their receipt and got no answer. Years ago I had a spamcop account and was very pleased with it. I was saddened when I had to cancel it as a newly married starving student. I was hoping for it all to work and reduce my spam once more. I'm posting here as I have tried all other options that I know of. I could bring a complaint through paypal but I'd rather not do that. So, is SpamCop dead? If it's not is their customer support dead? Are others having the same problem or am I just lucky? It seems like if they are not dead they soon will be if my situation is not the exception. Thanks
  2. Just created an account to report spam through spamcop. I had one a LONG time ago, but haven't used it in years, so created a new one. When I log in I get a "ISP Control Pannel" and no form to submit spam. Previously I used the attach spam to email and send it to special address method of submitting. According to http://www.spamcop.net/fom-serve/cache/166.html, the email address to use should show up after the log in. It doesn't. Any ideas?
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