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  1. Is there any way at all to discover where the software is that has been installed to the server which continually adds the demo, webmaster, etc.... email users?
  2. Ellen, I have made several changes today on the mail server, could you please check and see if this has had any effect? Thank you.
  3. Thank you Ellen, I am attempting to find which account they are using but have not had much luck yet. Are there tools available which will help me in this task?
  4. Thank you John, that was very helpful!!!
  5. Yeah I know :-( Looks like it might be time for a change???
  6. I have read the articles posted on the other pages but they seem to reference an Exchange server and I am not running an Exchange server, I am running Vopmail. With thousands of users, how am I to tell which one has been comprimised? I have been going through my Operation log but this has had no net effect :-( I have ensured that guest is inactivated and have changed the passwords for administrator in both my local machine and the Active Directory, I do not have a test or demo account.
  7. I have seen reference to me as Birch? Birch is our T1 provider and we have 5 ip's from them but we are not Birch. Will this be a problem for us?
  8. Thank you again. I have been going through my logs and I am only finding one instance of one of the IP's she listed. I will contact her. Thank you again.
  9. Thank you StevenUnderwood, I am now working to figure out which user account is being used. I have already made sure that the guest account is inactivated and I changed administrator passwords yesterday. Is their any way for me to identify the information Ellen has so I can check daily?
  10. I do appologize to this user group. I was out of line in my comments and my anger was misplaced. Thank you for pointing out that we are sending spam, this had not shown up on any of my logs. I routinly check my server for relay and continually try to stay ahead of spamers. I guess I have faild! I will work to eliminate the spam going through my server. Thank you again.
  11. Ellen, how do I find the information you posted here?
  12. Thank you dbiel and Wazoo, I appretiate your help!
  13. You can lable me what ever you wish but this is a major problem. I am getting 3-4 of these issues every day and I do not have the staff to call every ISP to correct it, nor do I feel that the burden should fall to me to do so. SpamCop is the Only List or what every you want to call it that is causing these issues. Here is another. If there are bugs or problems in the software we provide it is our obligation to correct it just as it should be the obligation of SpamCop to correct the "Missuse" of there service or whatever is causing us to have mail bounced when we are not listed. This person could email this address yesterday but can not today? Your message has encountered delivery problems to the following recipient(s): cschwinke[at]siemermilling.com Delivery failed Unable to deliver to destination domain SMTP greeting from host read: 552 RBL blocked by bl.spamcop.net
  14. This is not an isolated instance. I host domains from around the country, (hence the use of WE), and I am seeing this problem over and over and over again. This is a real problem caused by SpamCop and as such the Fiduciary duty should fall to you to correct these problems with ISP's. I will let my customers know that we must increase our cost to them so that we can staff to play detective because of SpamCop. I will encourage my customers to put pressure on their ISP's to discontinue the use of SpamCop. You can call this a “cartoonish threat” if you wish but I am simply letting you know that you have created problems in the email system and judging from the adolescent responses from this thread, customer service and fiduciary responsibility is not top most in your company. Thank you for your help.
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