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  1. Thanks for the response, much apreciated.
  2. At last some of this is beginning to be understood by myself. However I got an email from a friend of mine today asking what is going on because he is getting around 20 emails per day for the email address [at]aspire-radio.com now this is strange because even though I have access to this email address it has NEVER been used. Again www.aspire-radio.com is down........... Not sure where I go from here now as it's all getting a big headache for me..
  3. Well I then posted a message to the groups in question and lets just say that on some of them there's a witch hunt going on to find out who reported me, I regularly post at yahoogroups "on topic" so people are not happy that lurkers are causing problems. DOes that make sense ?
  4. Yep, everything was OK with that, it seems a few people have been trying to yank my chain as such, but if like you say it goes quietly then there should be no more problems. Hopefully......
  5. The emails I sent were to yahoogroups and were "on topic" someone seems to have been messing with me, but where does this lead me ? Energis have noted on my account not to take any notice of any further spamcop complaints, but will I be blocked by spamcop or something ??? Remember I am not that PC savvy, probably an enthusiast rather than an expert.
  6. Sorry if I have confused you with this but I am not that much of a techy when it comes to spam, hence my question here. What seems to have happened is that some rather unscrupulous people took effence to a post on a few yahoogroups and then reported me to spamcop who then reported me to www.energis.com I got an email from www.energis.com who I then rang and we sorted the problem out and they blamed spamcop for not checking complaints enough as the best way to describe it was that all the blockages with my account were automated. My website was shut down last week, even before I was aware of the complaint and it didn't even register with me that it was anything to do with spamcop !!! I am as much confused as I am probably making you, lol.
  7. Yes, I have read that, but what does it mean ? I listed some stuff to some yahoogroups, that was on topic for my live365 radio station and someone reported me to spamcop, what happens now ??? My website was shut down for a while, energis emailed me sorted it out with them, but they said that spamcop usually makes mistakes, so I am confused and I am pretty upset about this. What happens now, my Ip address that was reported was www.aspire-radio.com any help would be apreciated.
  8. I am pretty much confused by recent events. Some rather unscrupulous people have reported me to spamcop for emailing on topic conversations to spamcop for my radio station www.aspire-radio.com. How do I get removed from spamcop, what has happened, what will happen etc etc ? Energis have been informed as to what has happened and they seem annoyed at spamcop, but I am confused, any help would be apreciated. I have no idea what to do at all ?
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