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  1. Dear Fellow Posters, Our server has been blocked by Spamcop for the last 2 days due to our automated news/product alerts emails being sent to their spamtraps. I know that we will be unblocked after sometime, but what concerns me the most is that we have a double opt in confirmation policy and there is no way our emails could have triggered off dedicated Spamcop spamtraps unless somebody had maliciously signed us up for them by clicking on the confirmation email. We have responded to spamcop using the suggested contact email address blproblem[at]admin.spamcop.net and followed instructions found on this link below but have not gotten any response. http://www.spamcop.net/fom-serve/cache/167.html 1) The entire SpamCop report, including full headers and the entire spam. 2) Proof that the user in question did subscribe for your list. (Proof can be a log excerpt or a copy of the returned, e-mailed confirmation. There must be proof of a two-way, secure confirmation. This must include IPs and datestamps for two stages - both a signup and a confirmation.) In Response to requirement (1) The problem encountered here is that since Spamcop changed the reporting format sometime back, we cannot actually see the full headers as they are not revealed. The situation is made worst as Spamcop do not reveal any information about their Spamtraps. Previously only spam complains were listed on the site. In Response to requirement (2) We will be happy to provide proof that the users had signed up with us, but since spamcop does not reveal the identity of their spamtraps, we are able to provide the evidence required. It will be greatly appreciated if any follow posters could share any similar experiences you've had, or encountered as well as know of any alternative means to contact Spamcop (by email, phone or fax). Any other advise, suggestions or feedbacks are welcome. Thanks & Best regards, Nawin
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