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  1. Ok, I have gone back to support over there, and got a little different story this time. I would like that explanation too. is the ip they claim is the one that is blocked, and they tell me that that is the direct ip of where my mailserver is. I will also be going back to localnet about the restrictions that Bumpkin mentioned.
  2. Re: dra007 You know what they say when you assume? They say it makes an ass out of u and me. As a matter of fact, I did read the faq section the first time this happened. Re: turetzsr: My most humble apologies for selling products on the net and relying on an email in my inbox to tell me there has been a sale at my online store. And I was thinking other people did that too! Your right, I should just scrap the email thing, I mean, after all, it only works most of the time, except for times when places like spamcop puts a host on a black list and mail from the host is stopped. Did I mention what you look like when you assume? Oh, yes, I already did. Is this why you go through life assuming everything? Because you don't see what is in front of you? Try actually reading my complaint, perhaps you will see that I am not sending out any emails, I am not receiving emails from my server, because it was put on a list at spamcop. Re: Miss Betsy I understand exactly how it is blocked. I do, and I am looking into that. Vent? I am not venting! I have a lagitimate complaint, and a right to be angry! My comments are pertinent without reading or researching. My host has been put on a black list at spamcop. My dial up refers to that list. Because of this I cannot get my email, and have to wait 48 hours until the host automatically comes off the list. The system is still illconceived. It apparently wasn't thought through, all the way to the innocent end users who would have to pay for a spammer on a network, or, worse, it was simply ignored and nobody cared. The last time this happened I lost a job out of the deal because a customer used email to ask us if we would go out and look at a job for him. This time, I have no idea what I am missing because my email is not making it to my inbox. That may not be pertinant to you, but it is to me. Re: Wazoo: You asked for more details and made only a few snide comments, so I will try to provide you with more details, though I have already provided most, as you correctly derrived what is happening. I have a small boat restorations web site on a server at HostForWeb. On that same server I also have an online store where we sell some products. People use our website and actually do buy products from us, and we actually do receive emails from clients who want jobs done. My dial up is localnet.com, whom I already have also gone to, this time and the first time this happened. They merely say "we know there are some flaws, but for now it is all we have". HostForWeb shrugs their shoulders and says, "ah, we're gonna be down for 48 hours". I did not pull the ip address out of the air. If you read the thread, you will see that Merlyn actually asked me to get him one. You will also see, if you look closely enough, that I said: That is what support told me, I did not lie and I did not pull it out of the air. I came in knowing what was going on and showed it in my posts. Why all the wrongful assuming? Fact: I use Hostforweb. Fact: I use localnet Fact: I am not getting email from hostforweb. Fact: It has happened before and when it did I did find out about spamcop. Fact: Hostforweb, after I went to support to ask them why I have no email from the server, told me they are on the spamcop blacklist Fact: They told me the ip number that was on the list is: Fact: I did not mistype that, I pasted it in and then double checked it with the copy of the support session to be sure it was correct. Fact: Merlyn asked me: after hinting that maybe something could be done. Fact: I brought to him the ip number that hostforweb support told me was blacklisted.
  3. No, I do not want to try again... as we speak, my partner is standing here beside me and we need to get out of here to the job site. I just want to receive my email, that is what I want. The hostforweb support tells me that that is indeed the ip number that is listed. And I am out of time.
  4. I have no idea what ip is listed, I did not ask them. They went and looked into it and came back to me and told me they were currently on the list at spamcop.net and would be down for 48 hours. ok, went back to support and asked them what ip address is listed:
  5. If you consider loss of business, money and maybe even clients, because a business that depends on the web and email, to be silly, I don't know what to say to you, other than, you may have some of your own issues. And you make a statement like that with seriousness? A business owner who finds himself disabled because of this list, who merely wants to receive email that is sent to him, receive sales, and notices from customers, is abusing the system? ooook then...
  6. I would be surprised if the problem would go away. I have complained to my dial up because of using the list, the last time around. The host can only shrug their shoulders and tell me they have been disabled for 3 days. (and it is disabling even if you refer to it as a list, fact is, my host is disabled and because of the "list" I am disabled). Nonethess, the host is, as most are, a large host who probably did have a spammer on there. Support at the host told me that they had been listed 4 times in 180 days, but does this mean that everybody has to pay? I would think an improvement to the system would be in order. Where big hosting companies are concerned, and clients like myself who depend on their website businesses and email are involved, why not institute something different? Why not send the host an email or something letting them know they have a spammer on board rather than just stomping on EVERYBODY by putting them on this list? Ok, the Host is hostforweb.com Now what can be done? I am currently looking at 48 hours of missed emails, customers, sales and possible jobs.
  7. This service not only sucks, but once again, it is costing me money. Every so often my web host winds up on your system. When this happens I receive NONE of my emails from any of my business sites, including my boat site where I sell products and usually receive emails nearly daily. The last time this happened I lost a customer who could not get an email through to me asking me if we would be willing to travel out to his location to estimate a job. If it had not been for talking to someone who asked if I had taken care of him, I would never have known. Not that it matters, because he had someone else do that job. What else can I say except that this ill conceived system sucks? Well, I guess I could say that people would rahther get a little spam mail (there is a delete button in email) than to lose business, customers and money. I guess I could also say, maybe one of these days if I lose enough money because this system disables my business, perhaps it would be a viable option to take it a step further to the legal system. I have selected Enable email notification of replies, assuming you don't block your own emails from traveling to their destinations.
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