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  1. Thanks to everyone. I really appreciate your help. I have one more question. Where can I read about how to set up an email adress for spam reports from our domains or ip-addresses to avoid the situations like this? -- WBR, Michael
  2. We're hoster.ru company. and mail.hoster.ru is I've received some answers in a newsgroup. Just want to say that we're always received reports on 3 emails. But this time - no. -- WBR, Michael P.S. Sorry, I've got to go now, I will answer a little bit later.
  3. Hello. Today we've found that our mailserver is blacklisted by Spamcop, but neither we, nor our ISP received any reports on a spam-message listed on a webste. Also there is no any reports on that spam-message in a Report History section of spamcop.net website. So we had no chance to take an appropriate measures against spammers. We're web-hosting company and spam facts from our clients happen sometimes and we are always reacting on received spam-reports. Also Spamcop blacklist is used on our mailserver. But this time a mailserver's IP was blocked without any notification from SpamCop! Sad but true Can anyone help to resolve the situation? -- WBR, Michael
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