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  1. It probably has something to do with lists...both your e-mails ended up on a list that someone has been shopping around.
  2. Hey, Wazoo. The FAQ in question is on the "New FAQ" forum, but it is not in the FAQs linked to by the Help option on spamcop.net. It also doesn't show up when you search "Spamcop and FAQ" from the same page. Finally, it didn't show up when I searched the forums because I was only searching the reporting help forum, and it's not pinned to the top of the reporting help forum. I didn't look in the FAQ forum originally, because the question did not concern updating or improving the existing FAQs. I did find the relevant FAQ eventually, but I got to admit it wasn't easy. Obviously this could be corrected without purchasing a commercial tool, but I guess it's all a question of allocating resources.
  3. I'm aware of the issues surrounding listwashing. The question is whether to ignore or to tell the guy what you think of him. After all, he did take time out from his workday to e-mail me. Anyhow, I can't find that FAQ, and I looked in several places. Aha! It's in the FAQ under construction forum in the "Original Spamcop FAQ" topic. But it didn't turn up when I searched for it.
  4. Just got this this morning: :angry: Hello, I received notification that you received this notice as spam. Please verify that you would not like to be on the Campus Dining notice, and let me know what email address it was sent to. I can then contact my client and ensure that you are removed from the list. I have posted the email below. If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us via email at support[at]atlantech.net or via telephone at 301-755-2260 or tollfree at 1-866-755-2260. Sincerely, Rick S Support Technician | support[at]atlantech.net -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Atlantech Online, Inc. | http://www.atlantech.net phone: 301-755-2260 | 866-755-2260 fax: 301-589-3936 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- view our Network status | http://noc.atlantech.net I know perfectly well where these guys got my address--from various public and semi-public University sites. I never requested any such thing, of course. I'm debating what to do, as they apparently don't care if the "client" spams the whole school.
  5. I think that these 419 guys make their money like this: Some curious person who doesn't really believe it answers the post and gets the hard sell. The person on the other end asks him to set up a bank account with a token amount of money in it. Then the scammer needs a little more money for faxes, bribes, whatever. It goes on as long as the sucker lets it. It starts out as a combination of entertainment and greed for the sucker, and the scammer puts on a good show, so it gets harder and harder for the sucker to admit that nothing fun will ever happen. Most suckers probably top out at a few hundred dollars, but from the scammer's point of view, it was worth it. I don't believe spammers make money selling fake Viagra, but rather they make their money selling spam services to people who think they can make a fortune selling fake Viagra. And most of the time there's no genuine fake Viagra anyhow. They charge your card and you never even see the stuff. There's no shortage of stupid people who think they're smart enough to rip others off. (Ref. Amway)
  6. That's probably irrelevent by now, because if "Walter Banda" is going to get any money out of this particular spam, he's already gotten e-mail addresses to work on. He can just claim he has to change to Hotmail "for security reasons." Later on he could become BillBanda.com. The main issue is that the more people along the chain are honest, the harder life is for the crook.
  7. Okay, I'll buy that. The seemed pretty unlikely, even for a local address. It seems stupid to forge some internal handoffs, but then again, it confused me.
  8. http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z712686810z88...45947d5e6dff62z The parser traces this to relay.jawnet.pl, then gets confused in the local transfers at jawnet, then completely rejects the transfers from (reserved) and (also reserved). Is this just a long string of internal handoffs leading to the umich servers, or is it some sort of pointless forgery? Shouldn't the parser be able to figure this out? I'm just confused, but it appears that the source was inside jawnet, so that's where the reports go.
  9. Do you know what mail server you use? Do you have control over that mail server? If your server has been hacked, you need to remove the malicious software and secure your machine. If the spammer has legitimate rights to your machine, you need to fire him. Posting a link to the spam would help.
  10. Well, a virus is more like some stranger breaking into your house and putting out a letter for the postman. It is very important to secure your computers against these sorts of malicious attacks. The media make them sound very scary, but actually there is very little danger if you follow a few rules.
  11. This does not mean that someone is using your computer. It means that the person who sent the mail has the same provider as you, vif.net. I assume that vif.net has many customers. The folks at vif.net can tell who actually sent the mail, but that doesn't mean they will tell you, or do anything about it. Your website was not removed because the mail came from vif.net. It was removed because it was advertised in spam. I could send a spam from my own machine advertising any website I please. People can and do send spam advertising people they don't like in order to get the recipient in trouble with his internet provider. Because of this most providers will look carefully before taking down a site. Your provider does not look carefully. But they can do anything they want. They are a free provider, and don't have the time and money to look carefully. The general term for sending spam which claims to be from an enemy of the real sender is "Joe job." You may have been the victim of a "Joe job," or you it may be that someone else who uses vif.net doesn't understand why you shouldn't spam. The "From" line is like a return address on an envelope. You can put anything in it you like. If you got some malicious paper mail you would not assume the return address was correct. vif.net is like your post office. The long numbers are like post marks, telling which post offices handled the mail. Many people send mail from your post office. Only the postman who took the mail can tell you which house it came from. If the malicious paper mail came from a post office far away from the return address on the envelope, you would doubt the return address. But it is easy enough to go to someone else's post office to post a malicious letter.
  12. Plenty of spam makes me sick to my stomach, and I never see anything except the subject lines. I'm sure someone has sent "13 year old girls being abused!!" spam, and I know how I would have reacted when I was 13. Pornography is a tricky issue as it is based on "community standards." People tried to prosecute people for mailing copies of "Deep Throat" (which was fairly mainstream) into their community, didn't work. I think you'd have to prosecute these guys in China/Korea, where ever they spam from. It's even worse if a comprimised machine is involved. Presumably they host the stuff in a country where porn is legal, and anyone who actually goes to the site should know better. As for China's alledged anti-porn stance...well, China is a pretty corrupt and dishonest place right now, unfortunately.
  13. Craig, has anyone suggested that you run a virus or security scanner? Everything you've described is consistent with a comprised machine (or a rogue employee). You wouldn't necessarily see any e-mail bounces or other obvious problems.
  14. Hmm...I know for a fact that many child pornographers will post their pictures to obscure but public forums, e-mail the addresses to all their friends, and wait for somebody in charge to notice. It's a way to share stuff without being traced. These people never stay around long, lest somebody calls the cops. The sort of porn you describe has been prosecuted as in violation of communtity standards. This is a hazy area, as it is completely unclear what community should be involved. I'd say you have to rely on your host. Is it a commercial host, or just some friendly guy with spare bandwidth? You need to get this guy blocked, and hopefully banned from whatever computer he's using. And if you can figure out his name, I suggest snail-mailing a letter to everyone on his block.
  15. Impotent? What about all that unsold Viagra, not to mention all the sexy horsies!
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