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  1. Our email server is behind our firewall. Our actual email server is mail.mayinstitute.org.... our email traffice passes through the firewall resulting in the last IP shown on delivery .70 also the offending pc on our lan was using outlook through port 110 and 25 directly out the firewall and not our email server.. We have a few users using outlook and that has been a problem with viruses... We have been lucky thus far since only one machine became a spammer and low volume at that... Please help us since it is seriously affecting our company.. Please feel free to call me . I am at the May Institute . Our number is 1-781-440-0400 My extension is 207 or call me direct Jace swenson 1-508-783-7863 This is the only way I have been able to even get a response. I am sorry if you think this is abuse of your system.. I just need help and the spam cop web site has no contact info....
  2. This is an add on to my first post... We are a Non Profit Educational/Healthcare company www.mayinstitute.org We have 1000 email users behind our firewall and we are having serious trouble emailing mostly universities that we do business with. If there is an administrator for Spamcop that someone could help me get in contact with it would be more than helpfull... Thanks Jace Swenson The May Institute Net Admin jswenson <at> mayinstitute.org alt email jjjjace <at> comcst.net
  3. HELP ME PLEASE OUR DOMAIN is in serious need of help... Spamcop is still blocking our which is our firewall.. Our email is not reaching our clients.... Is there an administrator or someone that might help.... It has been over 72 hours since any spam has come from our domain.... We have not been removed yet HELP US PLEASE <Wazoo moved data originally posted as a Poll event into this first posting> Why won't spam cop remove us? I ahve done everything needed as our administrator... No Loopbacks, I have killed the XP pc that was infected and spamming on our lan.... I have have checked traffic out of our firewall and nothing since friday... That is more than 48 hours... Please remove my domain........ Our company is suffering because we can not send clients email..... Please help My work email is jswenson <at> mayinstitute.org If that doesn't work and probably won't because I am being blocked try jjjjace <at> comcast.netHELP US SOMEONE>>>>>>>
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