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  1. I regularly get spams with "unknown date" in the date columm. I would like to set up a filter option that automatically deletes any e-mail with a reported "unknown date" (or a date that is NOT a valid date within so many hours of the date that Spamcop receives the e-mail. Is this presently possible? If so, how? If not, then it should be. Love and hugs, spam sushi to all! Paul
  2. Spambo, thanks for the response. I looked at the two links you sent me and compared the recommendations what is set up in my IE6sp1 (on WinSPsp1) security settings. My settings were already at levels recommended in these links. So, it must be something else. Paul
  3. members.spamcop.net/]http://MYUSERNAME%40MYDOMAIN:MYPASSWORD[at]members.spamcop.net/ has stopped working for me. This happened about a week ago. Anybody know why? Paul
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