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  1. Thanks for the info. For whatever reason I didn't see that notice. While I can imagine that sometimes they might not go through, can I get emails to let me know when such things happen? I don't use webmail and rarely come here. [superfluous quoting snipped by Moderator]
  2. One of my employees with a SpamCop account sends email from his regular email address at work to a spamcop account, which sends it to another account at work where it is downloaded. Last week there were aproximately 150 messages that were "held" seemingly at random until they were all released at once today. This is very perplexing, and a problem, should it continue. These messages were not deemed as spam by SpamCop, so I'm not sure why they were held. I have included the headers from one message below so that perhaps someone can indicate what happened. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  3. schalliol

    SPEWS Listing All Comcast Subscribers

    oooookie...I'm no comcast fan either, but if I could get that, I would, since right now I can't get DSL or other cable and have a satellite up/downlink. Just freakin' ban all senders of email while you're at it.......
  4. schalliol

    SPEWS Listing All Comcast Subscribers

    I'm not sure that you understand or I wasn't clear. Comcast is not my provider, but I don't like spam and SPEWS can help with that. What I'm saying is that SPEWS added Comcast and basically means if I use that list I block all comcast email, that's email from MILLIONS of everyday people. I cannot allow that, nor should they. Why not just block ALL email, that certainly would get rid of spam, but you wouldn't get any email either!
  5. schalliol

    Change SpamCop Password

    Yes I am a member (this is the email forum), the help system interface isn't very good, there should be a place that tells how to change the password, but there really isn't. I did read the page and it did note that I can't change the password there, but it doesn't say where it can be done! The members page: http://mail.spamcop.net/members.php they refer to doesn't tell you how to change it. It does indicate that webmail allows you to change your options, but it's not apparent where to change the password. Again, you can reset your password so you can login, but then can't change it from any instructions. Where can this be done?
  6. You may want to remove your SPEWS from your lists for this reason, it seems silly. I like to have SPEWS on, but come on, you can't just block a multi-million person ISP.
  7. schalliol

    blank spamcop email

    Around that time I got blank messages too (don't use newsgroups or anything else like that either). I open them in Eudora and get no information, no headers, just nothing. They're noted as ?? in Eudora. Just FYI.
  8. I don't see anywhere in help that tells me how to change my SpamCop password, only reset it, could you please let me know where to do that? Thanks!
  9. It helps VERY much actually. I now have a button for quick reporting and one for slow reporting of spam. So, if I think it will mess up the headers I can do slow or just go quick if all looks normal. Thanks!
  10. schalliol

    Should I report all Spam?

    Well, going through that many is tough, but what happened to being able to see them all on one page, is there an option to see all your held email on one page and then just scroll through to uncheck any that aren't spam? Otherwise you have to go through 10 pages just for the spam for that 1000.
  11. I currently use Eudora for Mac OS X and I have a single button I press that's an AppleScript that automatically sends any spam let through the filters into the web screens that let me submit it. This is done by basically forwarding the email with full headers to the address SpamCop gave me. However, I then have to go to the web and submit each one. It seems that since I already have determined that it is spam manually, this is a useless step. Also, since when I go to the Held Mail area to send on the web I can quick-report (meaning I don't have to go to that page for each one), why shouldn't I be able to do this for each that reaches my in-box? SpamCop, why can't there be a change or alternate email address for quick-reporting of spam I've already determined is spam? Basically I have to take a fairly large amount of time to do reporting based on all the spam I get, so if I can automate this process, that would be ideal.