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  1. Just now. Can't send report: smtpEnvelope (7141114481.69a2861e@bounces.spamcop.net, abuse@quadranet.com): smtpFrom: mail From 7141114481.69a2861e@bounces.spamcop.net: error (452 #4.3.1 temporary system error (12) )
  2. No problems today or yesterday. Right now is noon BKK times :) I have been getting this issue tho from time to time.What I end up doing is backing up as it shows I still have a spam to report and then it says "if this spam was reported today" kind of thing so I just re-report it
  3. Just tried reporting a couple spams (3;10pm BKK time) and one left from a timeout last night. Not working. Gateway Timeout The proxy server did not receive a timely response from the upstream server. Reference #1.6aa50517.1629187797.145ace23
  4. Thanks. a. yep, i get that, and in most cases it's just a "Dearest Recipient In Jesus" or some such that isn't worth anyone's time to pursue further. Only the most egregious spammers are worth any extra effort such as ones sending virus's, sending links in hopes of tricking some poor sod to give up bank, paypal or whatever info, etc.and those, if SC devnulls it, I'll FWD on my own. In the instance above I posted about, it was the email itself that they didn't want to hear about which was a change for them or at least how SC handled their spam. If it was an egregious type of spammer, then I may have fwd'ed on my own, but honestly don't remember the specifics of that one. Since then google have resumed accepting spam so no worries. :)
  5. I guess reporting spam to Google isn't appreciated anymore. Got this when reporting today. Similar to the twitter_doesnt-care-about-spam report address. ;)
  6. We must belong to the same Yahoo Mac user group as I remember that post. :)
  7. My ATT yahoo is pretty much spam free but the yahoo.co m one gets 4-8 a day, but sometimes none. Gmail tucks their spam folder out of sight so I only go there if expecting an email and have not received it, so I don't really bother reporting those much. There was a period this year when there was little to no spam in my yahoo and even someone in a Mac user group commented about their lack of spam. Perhaps there was a period of time covid was of use!
  8. I guess in some ways I'm looking for patterns where none really exist but for the randomness of what methods my yahoo spammers send me stuff. If I look in my gmail account it's stuff from all over the place. The consistency at which my one yahoo receives spam from google sources made me wonder what was up, and if google takes SC reports seriously at all. It probably means nothing
  9. Wondering if it's just my flavour of spam coming to my Yahoo that tends to be 95% sourced from Google, or if anyone else has noticed this trend? In fairness this screenshot shows multiple spams that were the same content I assume by their subjects. I really only report from this email account as it gets to be too much bother reporting my gmail spam which tends to be from the usual multitude of sources. Been reporting these google spams for several months now with no changes even with googledoc links in the emails too.
  10. Sorry back so late to this. Just came back to post on another subject. Same issue today using Firefox to get to the Forums page and comp password was asked for by FF to make sure I wanted to come to the page.
  11. I use this link https://forum.spamcop.net/forums from this page. https://www.spamcop.net/sitemap.shtml From the direct link from the email telling me of your reply there are no issues. Here is the Safari results after clicking link from https://www.spamcop.net/sitemap.shtml
  12. I was going to make a new post but it seems it is not needed? What the heck is going on here? I don't come to the forums much but this issue has been going on a REALLY long time. I may have posted about it years ago but saw this thread first.
  13. Yep, didn't see anything that was out of place. Reported it anyway just to be sure. I see we're in nearly the same time zone
  14. I see, this is what is used to post spams in the forums so others can see it, correct?
  15. Thanks @petzl. eman al guhani isn't my name. I got a reply back from DRI which said "Dear Eman Al Guhani,Unfortunately, we do not handle the customer service for Adobe. Please contact them directly with your request through one of the following methods:" This is odd that they addressed that guy despite my actual name being attached to my email account when writing and was in my sig at the end of the email. I'm on Mac OS so I only run Malware Bytes occasionally and AV's are really unneeded. I've only found the Genieo malware once a looong time ago via MB. But to empirically confirm this, I downloaded and ran 2 different antivirus scans and MalwareBytes. Nothing there. LOL now I need to delete the antivirus as it eats up resources when it runs. Anyway, RE: the tracking URL. Why would I do that? Can you run me thru the process? I received another email from Adobe today titled "Welcome to our Creative Cloud family, Eman" despite writing to their abuse team yesterday.
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