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  1. In fact we would not relay from our mail server through the current server which is I would setup our wholly own mail server with its own MX record and inbound outbound capacities. For me this is a consulting job and I would leave it up to the company to decide if they still wanted to use their isp mail server. If they did, I would setup seperate domains and mail clients with multiple accounts so if their isp was bl'd then it should not directly effect the secondary domain of the company. Since their ip space is directly part of their isp's ip block though I do not want to go through the process of handling this and having a new mail server's ip blocked due to BL on their isp's part. Thank you very much for your response it was how I thought the BL was handled. On my part I have cleaned up 29 companies from mail relaying and blacklisting as well as managed 5 email servers and forwarded more than my fair share of spam and exploits to the appropriate blacklists. Under normal circumstance I would have had this company change ISP's as matter of due course however this change is not a possible options for me at this time. Sincerely, CADMIN
  2. My ISP keeps getting blacklisted for spam and we use their mail server to send and receive mail. If I was to setup my own server which I am highly able to, when they get blocked will it block me as well? That is to say does the whole ip block get blacklisted or is it time for me to start finding a new ISP. Thanks for the BL and the help. Sincerely, CADMIN
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