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  1. I am in IT but can not access the groups at work due to company policy. Only HTTP, SMTP, and FTP traffic that can be monitored by security modules is allowed through the firewall. NNTP does not have a security module available. If I punch a hole through, even if I only allow myself access to it, I could be fired. firewall policy rite ... me too.
  2. but in news group it is slow to access, slow in response, less interactive and most of all .. no color.
  3. Hi all, especially to Jeff. My vendor has created a catchall account in our Exchange server (with over 70 mailbox) for archiving and journalling purpose. Thru the list, will do the spam Mail reporting as well. Please advise should I use a mole account ? or use abuse mailbox at my domain name ? or the original catch all mailbox name ? Is there a way to automate the spam Mail directly to SpamCop ??? Cause one single friday afternoon has more than 40MB of email. Have a nice evening ..
  4. why they refuse us ??? Let me get my vendors for help. You don't need to ask blns10.spamcop.net what the NS records for bl.spamcop.net are. You were already told those by the nameservers for spamcop.net. In fact, no resolver actually queries for NS records. It will actually be querying for A records. So, repeat the tests like this: dig [at]c.gtld-servers.net this will return a referral to the spamcop.net nameservers then, dig [at]use1.akam.net this will return a referral to the bl.spamcop.net nameservers then, dig [at]blns10.spamcop.net and, you'll see the correct answer. Trust me, the bl.spamcop.net nameservers are working fine. JT :cry: so far, i try to grep the "spam block" from my mail log file, but I couldn't find any record at all. Is it because I use Mail Monitor from Sophos ?
  5. First dig second dig. and then third dig why they refuse us ??? Let me get my vendors for help.
  6. Thanks senior, I already reported but the average report time is getting longer and longer .... (I'm a newbie in Linux and SysAdmin).
  7. That's scientific notation. It really means 0.0000433839 in decimal. What makes you think the email is spam? Unsolicited e-mail is any email message received where the recipient did not specifically ask for it. Here's some good information on unsolicited e-mail or try Network Abuse Clearinghouse or Spamcop. Quote from http://www.spamcop.net/fom-serve/cache/125.html First, my boss didn't request for this email, and since in the content of the email says "You have received this e-mail as one of our regular subscribers or we have collected your business card or details from a trade show or exhibition over the last 12 months." He is sure that he didn't give any business card to this service provider over the last 12 months. This is Number One. And again, he is so sure that he didn't give business card to this type of business (b'cause internally we have our own digitial brochures. So .. we have the right to report it as spam right ? Correct me if I am wrong. Thanks, have to go for lunch now.
  8. Advise what? You want to know what all that means? The Bayes system is looking at every word and assigning a score to it. It does this by "training" on a bunch of email, both good (referred to as ham) and spam. So, a word like Viagra is almost only used in spam, so it gets a lot of points. A word like tomato is mostly used in non-spam, so it gets very few points. The Bayes system constantly adjusts these point values as you tell it what is spam and what is not. So, that's a big list of words, their point values, and probably the number of times that word has been seen in a ham and in a spam. Bayes really only starts working well after it has been trained on hundreds of messages, both ham and spam. JT Opss ... sorry for typo error ... What i mean is that why this email looks as a spam to me but then the score is 0% and it scores spam Score: 0% (4.33839e-005) word spamprob #ham #spam '*H*' 0.999913 - - '*S*' 7.56128e-012 - - 'virus' 0.00386818 1562 0 'latest' 0.0110276 540 0 shouldn't it just be a number with decminal instead of alpha numeric ??
  9. Err rr ... ok ... then I need to read up more and ask my vendor to do something ... thanks for the info and reminder.
  10. here is the header message.
  11. Binary version is 0.81 (Sep 9 2003). No later version is available. Got a incoming email and suspect is a spam, so I use this Outllok Addins SpamBayes to "Show spam clues for the current message" and guess what. Here is the result someone advise pls ...
  12. errr ... from a technical question to Internet Standard ... guess have a little bit out of topics. Can we stay on the same issue on solving the "dig" and nslookup ?
  13. Oh my god .. i am using this Spade tool for 5 years already let me do a dig on the Linux machine and show the result here again. cause i do grep "relay_check" maillog on my Linux machine (Sendmail) and doesn't have this log information.
  14. The results of nslookup and dig on is and
  15. but when I do a whois command .. i get this result Redirecting to ENOM, INC. whois -h whois.enom.com spamcop.net ... Domain not found.
  16. I do a dig using Spade and this is the result.
  17. If someone knows of a GOOD tutorial, I'd be interested in hearing about it. Go to this link ... i'm also a newbie in XML. http://www.xml.org/xml/resources_focus_beginnerguide.shtml
  18. have you try to search for some tutorial on the net ?
  19. OMG - Oh My God ....i just recieve receive about 16-20 spamming a day (reported by my MD) will take me 30 mins to 1 hr to detemine is it a real spamming or he subscribe himself. and you have more than 500 ..... wonder how you can work more efficiently at your place ... anyway, can u tell us more abt your working environment ....means ..system platform
  20. My company is using Sophos AntiVirus solution as well. And we didn't use PureMessenger to hold back those Spammers but the AV feature is quite updated except for the notificiation. Maybe we can gather Sophos + SpamCop user and have a better discussion ?
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