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  1. Hello to everyone, I am new to this forum and a paid member of SpamCop. I have been reporting spam now for over 6 months. I have to question if SpamCop really helps reduce spam. It seems I am getting more spam today then I was when I first signed up with SpamCop. I do not plan on renewing my subscription unless someone can tell me that it's all worth it. Reporting spam does take time away from my day and I don't mind as long as I know that I am doing some good in the fight against spam. I have noticed that at least 70% of my spam is coming from chinanet.net and it just keeps coming. Reporting it does not seem to stop. I get on an average of 150 to 200 spam emails per week. Can anyone out there in SpamCop land tell me if this is all worth the effort. Thanks Spike
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