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  1. When is SpamCop going to have some respect and consistency as far as established, legit newsletters are concerned ? I don't rely on SpamCop anymore, and I don't let my clients use it either, because of the false blacklisting of so many known legit newsletters and email addresses. I just checked my current mail against the current SpamCop blacklist, and far, far too many of the tech and health news newsletters I subscribe to are listed - this is messed up. There is no good reason to blacklist distribution[at]lewrockwell.com, Dr. Mercola's newsletter, SearchWin2000, Business Intelligence Report, Linux Report, InfoWorld's AdviceLine, CTO Connection, DBA Support, DataBase Journal, or Dr. Tim O'Shea's newsletter. These are all long running newsletters. Stop blacklisting them and maby people will use SpamCop more, and maby I can recommend a subscription to my cleints.
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