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    forward to held mail

    Hey guys, I'm not trying to hurt anyone's feelings. And (being spamcop customer) I did modified mail link by replacing part of it with "blahblah", however id does look better after JeffG's editing I'm not trying to forward all my UREACH mail to my spamcop account for whatever reason, only spam that wasn't cut by UREACH spam filters. And I do understand that when I use the reporing address spam ends up in the reporting engine. And I do understand now that I cannot pull it back to the Held mail folder. So I have just one more question if you would: 1. What happens if I forward these spam messages to my spamcop account instead of using the forwarding address? Woldn't my ureach account be reported as a spam source? Again for me it's just a usability question - if I already identified message as a spam it makes IMHO an ideal candidate for the bulk reporting Regards, Bob Stone
  2. mghtybostone

    forward to held mail

    It's interesting that JeffG modified my message but never answered. Is it so silly or I'm missing something?
  3. mghtybostone

    forward to held mail

    Maybe I should explain myself better. 1. I have another web based account (ureach.com) 2. When I get spam there I forward it to the address found in the spamcop spam submition page such as Forward your spam to: submit.[elided][at]spam.spamcop.net or: 3. At this point spam is accepted for the submition, nowever I will not see it in my Held Mail folder but have to go to Submit spam and manualy submit each entry 4. Is there a way to drop it into the Held mail so I can use bulk submit?
  4. I end up forwarding numerous spam messages from my other account to spamcop. Is there a way to forward it to the held mail folder so I can report it en masse? After all I already have to make a conscious effort to forward it. Thanks