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  1. :-) What a day. The email server ( was the one that was actually blocked, thus causing such a problem on our end. We have just heard from Spamcop...the problems were all related to the two individual users .79 & .19, but, not knowing the specifics of the issue, we were afraid that there might be a also be a problem with our mail server's auto-replys (which we are still going to fix.) . Yes, thank goodness, I think we have all back to rights. The block was lifted a short time ago. Again, I thank you for your help. Leslie
  2. Are you referring to the This is a user who we have suspended per our AUP. Though I suspect both .79 and .19 are both issues stemming from viruses...we deal with all spam activity first with suspension and ask questions later. :-) The 2 ip addresses we suspended and these aren't mailservers, but individual DSL users. The mailserver is and are users, so they don't have names assigned. We are still waiting for Sun to reply regarding auto-reply msgs, any info from deputies, as well as looking for any other problems. I appreciate your help and everyone else who has replied. Thanks!
  3. er. Sorry - I generally get hot about gendered salutations as well. :-) Yes, I apologize. My coworker thought that I had alredy emailed 'deputies' and I re-read the page 3 x w/out ever seeing the mention. I have now sent an inquiry to the 'deputies' address. I also, hoped that while the "short answer" "how do I get removed" is "you can't" that there might be another option. ... Yes! You have helped, at least now we have in inquiry into the deputies address. Thanks
  4. Sir- We have read both items mentioned. We still haven't found out what was reported by the spam Traps. We have also contacted Sun for help turning off all auto-replys, we are waiting for that information. We have suspended traffic for the specific IP's mentioned, as they were individual users. We are still requesting help because the IP that is blocklisted is our mail server. There are several thousand users whose mail is being blocked and we want to get them back on. Is there anything that we can do to get this corrected prior to the automatic lift of the block? Not only do we need to get the users back on, but if someone doesn't offer us some specific help, I am afraid that the block will be instigated again immediately after being lifted. How can we correct a problem, if we aren't sure exactly what the problem is? We would appreciate any direction anyone can give on this matter.
  5. Thanks for the quick reply - We have suspended traffic for both and Please let me know what further steps we can take. Is there anyway to see what the spam Traps are catching? Have inspected server, not seeing any open port connections or anything out of place. We will continue looking for anything out of place. We are running Sun JavaSystems Messaging server v6.1 Running on SUn hardware with Solaris . If the problem messages are from automatic email notices (over quota, user unknown, etc) we cannot stop these messages...have looked for a way to disable, but can't find. Any help would be appreciated. Leslie
  6. We are an ISP. We have been placed on the blocking list a second time today, and we have not been given any information regarding the reason...the server is and it has been blocked due to : "System has sent mail to SpamCop spam traps in the past week (spam traps are secret, no reports or evidence are provided by Spamcop)" Please tell me how we can get mail header information on the offending messages. We cannot correct the issue with no information. Again, we are an isp and the block is effecting several thousand mail accounts. Please help. Leslie
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