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  1. We have a spam filter, but I disabled it, and I also haven't received a spam filter alert. I sent an email to the deputies. Thanks!
  2. Dang, it's been over 7 hours, and the mailhosts test emails haven't come... :-(
  3. agiliti and g2host seem to be part of our provider, digitalnorth. I have not looked into mailhosts yet, but I am checking it out right now and will see what it does. If I understand it correctly it will filter out servers that belong to my provider from being detected as possible spam source. Just tried it, but the two servers mailhosts detected are names that don't even show in the email headers, so I gotta figure out if I can add the others, too. Am waiting for the test email now. Thanks for your advice!
  4. Hi, I have received some spam that contains quite a few RECEIVED entries, and I found that the spamcop parser did not go deep enough to find the one line that actually shows the spammer. Example report I would like to point out the line that doesn't appear to be parsed. Is there a reason this is happening? Am I doing something wrong? Should I edit the header and remove the RECEIVED lines that belong to my provider? (I don't think I should because the whole header gets sent in the report, but otherwise how can I get the actual spammer reported?) Thanks for any advice you can give me - this spammer has been very persistent and seems to be increasing output :-(
  5. Hi, I have been playing around trying to find the phrase "Forward As Attachment" anywhere in the registry or in program files (also tried "ard As Attachment" since the W is underlined and might include different code), but without result. I am wondering if there is a way to add a menu item like "Forward As Attachment To Spamcop" which would automatically include your spamcop submit email address, and even better if it is possible to put a keyboard shortcut on that, e.g. F10 or something like that. The fastest way I found so far is to select the email, press the second Windows key (which opens the right-click menu), press W, enter 1 (if your spamcop email contact is named e.g. "1spamcop") and press CTRL-ENTER to send. I would like a one button solution :-) So my questions are: 1. Can anyone program something like this to work with Outlook Express 6.x ? 2. Where is the right-click menu content stored (i.e. which file would have to be changed to access this) ? Not sure if anyone can help with 2, but 1 would be nice :-) Thanks!
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