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  1. I did send that off very early this morning. I have yet to hear from anyone...
  2. JT, I want the bounces to just go away without having to check webmail. Sadly, AOL has told me to go pound sand in regard to not receiving bounces. The bad news: My ISP now provides all of the functionality of SpamCop plus bit bucketing blacklisted senders and emails that exceed a definable threshold. Since reporting has really done me no good, I no longer need SpamCop. Pity, since I just paid my $30.
  3. If I add mailer-daemon[at]aol.com to my blacklist, will I still see there silly bounce messages in my held mail? The amount of spammers and virri using my domain name has dramtically increased. This has caused hundreds of bounces per day coming from AOL. I'd like to just bit bucket everything the mailer-daemon sends me so that I never have to even see it. Is this possible?
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