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  1. This is a brand new one on me... I've been using spam cop since it was Brand new, and I usually have no trouble reporting spam. In this case, I got spam that actually DID originate from Gmail, rather than being spoofed. When I try to report it, the Spamcop Engine reports that there is "No Originating IP Address" Here are the headers with appropriate info x'd out: Is this some feature of Gmail, as you can see there is an address: Received: by 10.XXX.18.XX Now, that is the person who was spammed? I guess there is no Originating IP in there. If there is no resolution for this, if Gmail hides the originating IP, then so be it. I'll probably end up just reporting it direct to Gee Mail. -Thank you for any information!
  2. Hm... would this forum... be your basic RANT type forum? Or, would it be spam in relation to _____ (Fill Blank in) Well, cos, GrrRgRgRgRgRgRg... ARRRRRRGH, I am just getting SO much blamspam that I will at any moment turn into a postal worker (NO OPFFENSE to postal workers heh) and go after the NEXT person who sends me one of three types of blamspam: 1) The type of spam, which is EMPTY (But, sometimes has YOUR name and address in the reply-to box) 2) The type of blamspam that says something like "Hi I am the deposed KING of Nigeria and I need thousands of bucks to get my regime started back up" 3) Very Cleverly Created "MESSAGES" from "PAYPAL" which actually DO refer back to Paypal: But, actually, to a Pay Pal ACCOUNT which is set up to SIPHON all of your money! Grr, Gr Gr Gr Gr GRRR! :angry: I do freelance computer repair... This includes, creating systems form my clients. Usually said clients want from three to 5 puters set up, which is easy enough if you use Windows Networking- and you install IPX/SPX and NetBios and all the other goodies that enable you to operate MS Windows programs across a network. I have specific software that I install for specific clientele, and this package requires the installation of a Microsoft Database File that is protected unless you use the shell program designed to allow the user to interact with it. It would be an understatement to mention that this is a VERY sensitive file- SO, let us assume, this guy wants FIVE computers, he ALWAYS wants ONE of them to connect to the net- So I end up using a Router, and you program the ROUTER to log in to the DSL account, instead of using the SBC Connection "Mangler" (Manager) and or that stupid "Enternet300" program... Anyway, if I am browbeaten into installing this for the client, I ALWAYS convince them, or try to at least, to only have the DSL running on ONE 'puter. So what do these guys do RIGHT-AFTER I leave? They connect ALL of the systems to DSL. So, they call me about one week later "Hey Mon! Yo-Sup! Some of these computers are Kaputen!" - So an onsite inspection REVEALS that each computer has a virus. The VIRUSES came... Not from EMAIL like was so true about three years ago... But the VIRII are being fed INTO the computers STRAIGHT from the web page. So, since I did NOT set UP these computers for Net, and there were NO protective measures installed... These systems be HOSED like Harry's Whorehouse! Now, these guys get PISSED off when I hand them the bill: 50 bucks per COMPUTER. Well, they get Religious about installing Ad- Aware and Kaspersky AVP REAL quick. Actually, I have found some parasite programs that do NOT come out with Ad Aware... Unless you run Ad Aware 5 times in a row. And, THEN I have to run AVP at least TWICE to get rid of most of the garbage... And sometimes, all of the garbage is NOT taken out! So, more and more: My TIME is being USED UP for Virus-Removal: instead of installing the Programs I am being PAID to install. Sorry, but I do NOT have three days in a row to drive 75 miles from my house to install this stuff... THAT kind of stuff gets TEDIOUS! Also, if I have to spend MORE than 4 hours at ONE site... I remember when I Used to do my installs and walk out with de cash in 20 minutes. So, I have every reason to use a shotgun as a BRAIN-REMOVAL DEVICE for these jerkarsejacks that DESIGN these FOOKIN things! But Hold On... I would NOT ever do that to a human being even if he IS the lowest scum of the galaxy, designing Virii™ and spam® for the fruity-poop brand "FREE-EYEPOD" Viral, and Hoo Boy, do I mean VIRAL. marketing scheme. I do declare this rant to be compleatly OVAH... It's OVAH cos it's OVAH. Thank you, fellow Spamcoppers, for indulging my Rant-or-arium... Please join me next month for my exposé... xXx Rated Sites: which ones have the BEST INVISIBLE Parasite-Installers? Thank you and Good Knight!
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