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  1. The response from SpamCop support was that the account cannot be converted, and I've lost the fuel, but I can create a reporting-only account that is free.
  2. I am. I have fuel in the account, so I'd like to convert it instead of just creating a new account.
  3. I'm still not sure about this part of my question: "How do I go about converting my Spamcop.net account to [plain old] reporting only...? " I want to know if I can keep my account and use it like I did before ces/spamcop-email existed. If so, I'm assuming I'll need a different username. Who do I ask to do all this?
  4. I tried the support form on Spamcop.net, but haven't heard back. How do I go about converting my Spamcop.net account to reporting only (no forwarding)? I currently have "13.9M bytes available" and I would like to hang on to my stats, but I don't plan on taking ces up on the offer to do filter-and-forward. I'll just report by emailing in to the submit email address. After it gets converted, is there a way to change the username (since it's currently my [at]spamcop.net email address)? Thank you for any hints/help.
  5. 2nd vote for mailstore (free for personal use)
  6. The Thunderbird client is great. Been using it forever. You still need an IMAP email account somewhere. Some alternative email providers not yet mentioned: 1. Office365 Email (Microsoft is "never" going to go out of business) $48 per year (just email) $150 per year (included in Office 365 Small Business Premium with full Office Suite) -- This is the option I'm using for my mom since she was interested in subscribing to get the office apps anyway 2. MarxMail (great spam filtering, been around forever, but is mom+pop so who knows how long it will last) $30/year - http://www.marxmail.net/ 3. IMAP/SMTP though webhost such as DreamHost (often including hosting, domain registration, and email) for various prices 4. Yahoo Business Email $34/yr. for 1 account - https://smallbusiness.yahoo.com/email Note: I never give/gave out my [at]spamcop.net email address. I use aliases/forwarders on my webhost to hand off the mail to the spamcop.net account instead. I highly recommend this method because it makes it (a bit) easier to switch mailbox providers. I am very sad that the well-integrated [at]spamcop.net mailboxes are going away. I am fairly certain this means I'll stop reporting spam. (Also, I use name-of-store[at]example.com when some company wants my email address, so I can shut off the name-of-store[at].. alias if it starts getting spam). (edit: added 1 more option and some more background info) My Final Decision (final edit to this post, no need to bump thread) I'm using FastMail's 60-day free trial, and so far it seems I can use it just how I use SpamCop today (minus the built-in Held Mail reporting) I like the webmail, but I mostly use my phone or Thunderbird I like that I can use their "Personalities" feature to create multiple "From:" addresses to match any of the mail forwarded from any of my domains Their SMTP server (just like CES/Spamcop) has no problem if I want to specify an arbitrary "From:" address in Thunderbird It seems like it can POP external accounts, but I haven't tried yet. If it doesn't, I'll just add them to Thunderbird. It's not as important now since I'm not trying to report spam on my Hotmail/Yahoo/Gmail accounts. It works well with the iPhone email client and with Thunderbird It looks like the $20/yr. account is fine for my needs. I remove all mail from the server and keep it in Thunderbird when it's six months old, so 1GB should be fine. I see no need to spend money to filter/report spam. I need to take a look again at the free SpamCop offerings. It still might be too much of a hassle to report now, even if the increased hassle if very minor. I've moved a cousin and my wife off to Gmail over the years. That's where my dad's going to. It would be pretty cool if, at this point, spamcop offered a service where it could log in to external IMAP accounts to access a Held or Junk folder for reporting like we used to have. Also, it would be nice if the reporting site was https -- not related to this, but it has always bugged me. I see no need to bump the thread for this... Update 2014-11-15: I have been on fastmail.com since the posts above. I use it by forwarding in from my domain hosting company (DreamHost). I then use free spamcop.net reporting by forwarding any spam mail as attachments. I would happily pay for a spamcop.net feature where it would log into 3rd part IMAP servers (preferably the spam folder on the account), so I could report without having to forward. I am happy with fastmail.com's reliability, IMAP&SMTP support, webmail interface (even on mobile, it's great), spam filtering, and price. Only thing that was lame is the 60 day trial got cut short as soon as I paid. So, if you want to save a little money, wait until the very end of the trial to pay for your account.
  7. This news sucks. I doubt I'll report spam anymore. It is so nice to have the email account and the reporting all together. Also I have no idea where I'll want my email delivered to (definitely not gmail or hotmail/outlook). I am not a fan of free email providers (you get what you pay for IMO). I may use my webhosting provider, but I really liked having it separate (in case of a security breach). I just renewed two accounts this week. It would suck to be out all that money.
  8. The downtime I can live with. I have my reasons for not using Gmail or (the service formerly known as) Hotmail, so it's okay with me that there are side-effects from this not being a big-time operation. Outages haven't ever meant missed messages, AFAIK. However, I am disappointed in the poor communication. I went to the trouble of following https://twitter.com/Cesmail_status but it took a long time for that to be updated today after the outage started. Frankly, I'd prefer just to look in the spamcop news, on the webmail login page, or in these forums anyway. I am up for renewal next month. I really love sending spam reports, and it's so easy with cesmail/spamcop email. I don't know if I'll be looking elsewhere for email hosting.
  9. I'm having an issue where my IMAP client cannot save to the sent folder after sending. This is both in Outlook (on my friend's account) and on my account using Thunderbird.
  10. Sad to see this happen again--especially on the weekend. You'd hope this service would be used by those who run it, and they would notice immediately
  11. I am noticing this, too -- on both my wife's account and mine. I've tried sending to my domain email (forwards to spamcop) and directly to my spamcop account. I don't see any new mail arriving. the last mail I received was a spamcop renewal message at 6:40 am CDT.
  12. Looks like it's still broken (6:00 am CST). Glad to know it's not just me. On Thanksgiving, I had a power outage, issues transferring a domain, and this. Didn't help that no one was at work yesterday.
  13. glad to see it was fixed (also glad to see someone was able to get my post to the right thread)
  14. Moderator Edit: extracted this from the Pinned BETA Announcement Topic and merged into this existing Topic on the same subject. I've been noticing an expired cert message in Thunderbird lately.
  15. Wazoo -- that makes sense. They did just release their first stable version (almost a year after my first post )
  16. I'm very impressed with what I've seen of RoundCube so far. The software is open source, so maybe spamcop-specific features could be worked into it. I'd ditch Thunderbird if I could use RoundCube as spamcop's webmail. I searched the forum and didn't see it mentioned. I know it'd be a huge project, but it's worth asking.
  17. I'd consider using IE7 if they had finally finished support for HTML. IE6 (and now IE7) never added support for all the HTML4 elements. The one they left out was the Q element (aka the Q tag). HTML is the most basic web standard, and all web browsers should support it. It's just unacceptable, especially considering that it's over 6 years old, and MS was one of the organizations that created the spec.
  18. I'll give it a shot, make notes, and get back to y'all. (oh, and I'll be testing https://delta2.cesmail.net/ [note the "s"] instead ... unless that's completely not useful for you.
  19. that's what I was waiting to find out ... I'll be testing it now
  20. So it's probably gonna be v4.1 then ... that's cool. http://www.horde.org/imp/screenshots/ seems to indicate that at least some of my complaints (with the old version of IMP) are fixed.
  21. Cool ... I can't wait to hear what you get back.
  22. I know it's probably better for the Spamcop admins to actually work on the upgrade rather than taking time out to write about it, but I'm so excited I just gotta know some things about it. (also, I posted questions about it in other thread, but since they were a bit off topic, I think they got burried) I am interested in being a beta tester. (if there's any beta test at all) I couldn't find any details on the webmail upgrade. Will it still be horde imp? (or something else?) Are there new features? Will I finally have my wife stop bugging me because of the lack of html or pictures in the body of the message? (and if so, will it be able to be switched on or off for people in the addressbook?) Hopefully this thread will serve as a place for people to ask for info and get info about the upgrade. (and hopefully I didn't miss any other thread that already serves this purpose)
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