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    Webmail down? imap works

    Well, the datacenter emailed all it's customers about the problem (I got it just now b/c mail delivery was delayed due to the aforementioned issue ): <hr> Quality Technology Services is committed to keeping our customers informed of events at our Data Centers. This notification is strictly informational and does not require any action on your part. On Tuesday, April 18, 2006 at approximately 10:30am, Quality Technology Services experienced an isolated failure on a backup generator that caused a sporadic power fluctuation. Some customers' equipment may have been affected. We have identified and corrected the issue and are working with the vendor ensure that this isolated incident does not reoccur. <hr> In short, their glass house now has a glaring hole in the window. I'll be interested to see how they rectify it. Good news... since I have UPSes in all my racks there, we never noticed. }Davoice
  2. davoice

    Webmail down? imap works

    Actually, some cell phone services do work in the building - most of the GSM carriers for instance. I have servers there myself and I've been there many times. Phones and stuff not working isn't a security thing... it's a building construction thing. That's a solid metal and concrete building w/ dual layers of metal sheeting. It was built to withstand pretty much any weather. The side effect of that is wireless propogation through the walls stinks. My Cingular phone works in there though. And every customer gets a phone line and phone number... so you can plug in a plain phone if you want. Funny thing is this building has a extremely fancy backup system that should have mitigated the power problem. They even purposely sell themselves as "not requiring battery backup systems". (Even though I said "uhh huh" and proceeded to install them in all our racks anyway.) Power in the building runs through "constant power systems" - which is basically a big flywheels that continue to spin by enertia and generate power until the generators kick in. And each customer is supposed to be served by redundant PDUs. So it was either a very big power outage or Quality Technology Services has been slacking off since they bought the business from ITC^Deltacom. }Davoice
  3. davoice

    Webmail down? imap works

    FYI... Marwan is at eDelatacom (now known as Quality Technology Services). This is the colo where the webmail system is located. Webmail managed by JeffT of "Corporate Email Services" - the d/b/a for Spamcop - as you all know. eDeltacom/QT's corporate policy is to not give any details concerning its customers unless the calling party is on the access list for that particular customer. They'll fudge a little if you're a known party for another customer in the colo. I'm fairly sure Jeff already knows about the outage. His SpamCop email goes into the same web farm as the rest of us. (I.e. he drinks his own kool-aid.) I have stuff in this same datacenter and I occasionally wave at the SpamCop system when I'm passing through. Security there is pretty tight, so Marwan is just doing his job. }Davoice
  4. davoice

    www.spamcop.net unavailable?

    Ok... something is definately screwy at Akamai. I'm sitting in Dallas, Texas on a machine that has access to Level3, UUnet, Time Warner Telecom, Sprint and Global Crossing. Look at the horrendous route that just occured to get my traffic back to http://spamcop.net hosted at Akamai from here in Dallas: Tracing route to spamcop.net [] over a maximum of 30 hops: 1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms 2 6 ms 7 ms 7 ms [removed] 3 74 ms 75 ms 74 ms at-0-0-0-46.aggr02.dllstx.grandecom.net [24.155. 121.195] 4 81 ms 86 ms 68 ms ge-0-0-2.core01.dllstx.grandecom.net [24.155.121 .133] 5 200 ms 135 ms 193 ms POS3-0.GW5.DFW9.ALTER.NET [] 6 99 ms 48 ms 29 ms 130.at-6-0-0.XR1.DFW9.ALTER.NET [] 7 25 ms 21 ms 22 ms 0.so-2-0-0.XL1.DFW9.ALTER.NET [] 8 21 ms 23 ms 21 ms 0.so-7-1-0.BR6.DFW9.ALTER.NET [] 9 32 ms 21 ms 23 ms 10 23 ms 38 ms 31 ms p16-1-0-0.r20.dllstx09.us.bb.verio.net [129.250. 3.20] 11 75 ms 76 ms 75 ms p16-1-1-3.r20.plalca01.us.bb.verio.net [129.250. 4.105] 12 76 ms 75 ms 76 ms xe-0-2-0.r21.plalca01.us.bb.verio.net [129.250.4 .231] 13 78 ms 77 ms 78 ms p64-0-0-0.r21.mlpsca01.us.bb.verio.net [129.250. 5.49] 14 85 ms 81 ms 81 ms p16-3-0-0.r80.mlpsca01.us.bb.verio.net [129.250. 5.253] 15 190 ms 190 ms 189 ms p16-0-2-1.r21.tokyjp01.jp.bb.verio.net [129.250. 4.130] 16 190 ms 189 ms 189 ms xe-1-0-0.a20.tokyjp01.jp.ra.verio.net [61.213.16 2.234] 17 190 ms 189 ms 190 ms ge-2-2-0.7.a01.tokyjp01.jp.ra.verio.net [61.200. 92.35] 18 190 ms 189 ms 190 ms a61-120-150-17.deploy.akamaitechnologies.com [61 .120.150.17] I'd say this could possibly explain why some people are having problems getting DNS to resolve now that Spamcop is using Akamai for DNS. - Davoice