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  1. Hello again. Is there any benefit in submitting spam but then not confirming it and sending the reports? Spamcop is an excellent system. I display my email address on many web pages. Spamcop has allowed me to continue to use the same email address for years and filters out up to 90% of spam. Over the last few weeks (using the mailhost system) I haven't lost a single legitimate email. I'd really like to submit any spam received back to SpamCop but unless this can be done more efficiently, I just can't spare the time (which can add up to a couple of hours a week). I can forward any spam that gets through to spamcop using SpamSource. That's practically instantaneous and no slower than just deleting the email. Do I really need to do anything else? I've been confirming each email but I don't have time to read the details carefully and almost never change the defaults for reporting. Is it really necessary for me to manually confirm these emails? I've tried switching my reporting mode to 'mole' (so my submissions now result in almost no reports being sent) but it seems that I still have to go through the confirmation process. I assume that the only benefit in submitting spam as a mole is to allow SpamCop to identify problems statistically – By not requiring confirmation, many more people could submit spam, so even with the odd mistake (genuine emails submitted) the statistics would be more accurate. Regards, Steve
  2. How can things be changed so that we can spend less time watching the progress bar? I've been trying to get into the daily routine of reporting all spam that gets through SpamCop's filter. I use SpamSource with MS Outlook then confirm/complete using the links returned. This is taking more time than I can really afford. I've been using SpamCop for a couple of years and I can't say I've ever noticed any improvements in performance. I'd like to do my bit, but unless things can be speeded up, I'm going to have to start deleting all that spam and let other people do the work. I don't know where your bottlenecks are nor how your system is configured behind the scenes. But I do know there are ways to make big improvements to performance - There always are. Steve
  3. Is it possible to add links to the Held Mail Report for each message, “click to forward" or “click to forward and whitelist sender”. This would allow me to quickly scan the list and forward emails without logging into spamcop and scrolling through pages of spam. Currently the process is so slow that I rarely have time to check for legitimate emails and often upset customers by not replying to important messages. I don't know how many people use your email forwarding system and receive held mail reports but assuming there are a lot, and assuming that the blocking of legitimate emails is relatively low (for me it's about 1 in every 300), then such a system should also reduce the strain on your server/s. I also assume it would be fairly simple to implement. Regards, Steve
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