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  1. I am going to have it configured for our ISP to host the mail, and put the box inside our network...
  2. Red Hat 9 box is on order. Can't get here soon enough... Apologies to anyone who's getting spammed from my box.
  3. Yep, that's me. This really sucks. I work 45 hours a week on things other than being the network admin. And when SH** like this happens, I have to figure out why. I know it's a lame excuse from another incompetent network admin, but I at least I am trying to get it resolved. Could not find anything to specifcally "fix" the proxy trouble in Exchange 5.5, and MS does not post much on 5.5 anymore. I think I will trash it, and get a new OS.
  4. I have been listed for having 1). An open socks proxy 2). An open HTTP proxy on my Exchange 5.5 server. I have spent some time here looking for configuration solutions to these issues, and have not found anything helpful. So either I have missed it, or not been able to find it. So, if anyone is able to point me to the information to take care of the two problems, or has the help I need, I would appreciate any helpful items. Thank you.
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