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  1. ok..it works..but i had to turn the router firewall off (not all, just SMTP) otherwise it wouldn't let me send out anything..
  2. ok..i had to uninstall Zone Alarm is it somehow killed my keyboard (when I turned it on, the keyboard wouldn't write in IE but just used letters as shortcuts :S) if i check my ip on Spamcop.net, i get that it is not listed anymore... tough if i try to send mail with Thunderbird, it says (after about 2min of trying to send it) that the server may be unavailable or refusing SMTP connections and that I should ckech if my settings are ok (which weren't changed..) any idea?
  3. I've just installed ZoneAlarm on my computer and will install it on the other sometime today. Thanks for all the help. Sergej
  4. Yes, that satic ip is connected to a Cable line. There are two computers on this IP connected to the web over a router. Both are using WinXp. Mine has: NOD32, AVG 7.0, Microsoft AntiSpyware, and Ad-Aware. The other one has only the Norton Antivirus (I'd have to check tough). The firewall on router is on. damn it, this sucks
  5. I'm using Mozilla Thunderbird. I have two accounts there 1) XXX[at]link.si server name: pop3.link.si 2) XXX[at]gimb.org server name: gw.gimb.org Both use the same SMTP - smtp.link.si About the IP adresses that I use when sending..I don't know them ? I tought that the is my IP (it's a static IP) is this any help?
  6. nope, i have nothing to do with anything ˇ[at]siol.netˇ.... i did have an account (it is still mine) but haven't used it in a year and it's not even configured in my Mozilla Thunderbird. I even don't know how a complaint could go to the abuse[at]siol.net as SiOL and Link are a competition to each other (two completly different ISP)..?? Did my ISP get that report or what? If yes, I will call him in the morning and see what's up...........
  7. Ok, about an hour ago I realized that my emails/IP got blocked. I got no mail with a report that somebody blocked me (i read sth about it on spamcom.net that i should). I don't have any viruses. I don't send spam and I'm a good boy. Why? My IP is thanks for help..
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