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  1. Hello, We are facing a real issue for a few days : some of our e-mails don’t reach their final address. The e-mail’s delivery reporting makes reference to your website http://www.spamcop.net You will find hereafter the copy of the message collected in return : ****** Message from InterScan E-Mail VirusWall NT ****** Sent >>> MAIL FROM:<Gianni.TEMPESTA[at]emapfrance.com> Received <<< 553 sorry, your mailserver is rejected by see http://www.spamcop.net Could not deliver mail to yoyo.xxx[at]numericable.fr and users in the same domain. ***************** End of message *************** I have actually checked that we are not black listed. I have achieved a few tests, showing that our e-mails are automatically blocked by Spamcop if : the subject field remains blank if the subject field contains 3 dots “...” or if the e-mail is an answer “RE:” . As an example : Subject : issues on blablabla ... or Subject : RE : about your last e-mail. If you need some technical information about us, please write us back. We thank you in advance to fix this real and serious issue ASAP. Best regards, Gianni Address in emapfrance.com used to send email
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