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  1. One additional observation that I've noticed is that spammers are inflating their HTML content with a lot of white space padding. It would be nice if, after parsing the headers, the spamcop engine would reduce the padding with a regex replacement expression like s/[ \t][ \t]*/ /g That would get rid of all the extra garbage which isn't useful anyway and will probably allow a lot less truncation of email. Just a thought.
  2. My pop servers list don't show any errors. I only have one server in there. If spamcop is a Unix variant, then it's like the cronjob that runs the pop server poll isn't running.
  3. Getting back to the original topic.........mail isn't coming through again. The last email I received was at 8am on May 9th. I looked at my pop servers and they aren't reporting any errors.
  4. Same Here. Spamcop hasn't picked up my email from my pop3 server since 8am on the 9th.
  5. IMAP on imap.spamcop.net is not giving any errors, so I think that part of the server is still working. I setup my spamcop account to pull mail from my ISP and I've noticed that spamcop isn't pulling any mail off my ISP. So that part of spamcop must be down. Also the horde errors imply the webmail part is down. I wonder what happened? Hopefully someone will come along and post something to the forum about the status. I've looked around for a status posting, but haven't found anything yet.
  6. I've been getting the same message since before 1:30PM EST.
  7. Yahoo is still dead for me too. I come here once in a while to see if there has been any activity in popgate2, but I think I have to agree with DT's comment in his last post in another thread here. I don't think Yahoo free email accounts are ever going to work with any version of popgate. If someone needs to pop from yahoo the only way that is going to work reliably is to pay yahoo for pop access. I rarely have a problem with pop'ing my email off any other email servers. The only one that doesn't work is using the popgates to get email from my free yahoo account. I just decided that I didn't want to pay yahoo any money so I just don't use my free yahoo email account anymore. I hardly ever use yahoo anymore. I seem to have gone "with the crowd" over to Google and Gmail. It's too bad about Yahoo, that account would be a great spam catcher, since the only email I ever get there is spam.
  8. Yes indeed that is so true. I am thankful that the growth that I've seen has all been in the "Held Mail" folder. It would be such a pain to have all that spam in my Inbox. Spamcop does a fine job of filtering spam out of my Inbox.
  9. I'm really getting a lot more spam now than I was before the big drop. I guess the spammers have found new ways to get their spam through and they're making up for lost time.
  10. My email is not getting pop'ed off my email account on Xnet. Everything was working fine until I noticed messages on my xnet account. It seems like they've been out there for several hours and my pop server list under spamcop's webmail options is not reporting any errors..........uh, wait a second..... Well, email just refreshed and it pulled everything off. So, I guess it's working now. Never mind. ;-) BTW. I haven't been able to get popgate to work for me. My yahoo mail never seems to make it to spamcop. Any ideas on if you need the old yahoo mail or the new yahoo mail or anything like that?
  11. It still doesn't work for me. I'm using Yahoo Classic mail and the pop server status on the spamcop side says there are no errors, but it never seems to get any email. I'm going to try to delete some of the email and see if I can get it going again.
  12. I had the same problem, but I kind of gave up. I deleted my yahoo accounts when spamcop had problems getting email from my real mail accounts (the ones with working pop servers). After that was fixed, I never added the yahoo stuff back in. It didn't sound like the popgate2 was really supported, but a "sort of" experimental feature. If it's really going to be supported, I'll add it back into my pop list. I don't know how the popgate stuff works, but since my yahoo account is a free account, with popgate I'm pretty much getting a pop service without paying yahoo for that service, so if it doesn't work, I find it hard to complain too much about it not working.
  13. I got one too. I've seen several spamcop news items warning about these type of email messages asking for your spamcop login and password, but this is the first one that I've actually seen land in my Inbox. Here's the Tracking URL. I got this today, so the ISP must be having trouble blocking these messages or they are just saying that they will have it fixed by "yesterday".
  14. The number of spam messages that I've received has dropped dramatically. I've been wondering why. Here are some of the links that I found. CAUSE: News blog that references Brian Kreb’s article on security fixes. Brian Krib: Brian Krebs on Computer Security blog on the disconnection of McColo and the resulting two thirds drop in spam messages. Now the big question is: How long will it last?
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