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  1. Wow, that was a great post Miss Betsey “almost new user to the internet”, full of passion and emotion. But time to grow up. When my problem seemed to be solved and I saw my post was beginning to start to become a forum for political rhetoric like this, I chose to stop it and get on with my business. But you have inspired me to take a little time this morning. You see, I’m am not a “almost new user to the internet” and a very busy person. I was active duty military stationed at a government research lab when DARPA issued the report that it was better for national defense to develop an networked system based on the phone system than to spend billions for a proprietary hard line dedicated system that would be vulnerable to single point failure. I have been a user of it before it was available to the public and it is now a valuable part of my everyday professional and private life. I share the total disdain for those that would disrupt it for their own personal gain, whether it be hackers, virus implementers or spammers. And recently I’ll have to add, overly aggressive anti-spammers. When I say time to grow up, I don’t mean you personally Miss Betsey. I don’t really know who you are, please forgive the personal reference. I mean SpamCop in general. You are a business. Iron Port must have thought you were valuable or they would not have bought you. Please stop acting like a self-appointed vigilante group. When the west was wild and lawless, as the internet is today, groups like you sprang up to offer protection to the innocent and deal with outlaws. For the most part that was a good thing: citizens banding together to help each other out. Once they became organized and began to take money, as you do now, they had to become a part of the establishment or the establishment would cease to tolerate them. You see the difference in a vigilante group and a legitimate law enforcement agency is, the police wear uniforms and have official places of business where the public can talk with them. You are still hiding behind façades like this forum where you can pose as SpamCop enthusiasts and flame any one you wish and spout venom like “some innocents must die” or “there no innocents”. Words like these are the mark of a vigilante group gone bad. If there are no innocents, what is it you’re so passionate about? Could it be – making money. Well welcome to capitalism. If you want to be a player, you must accept your customers as you find them. Ok enough philosophy, I don’t expect to change the minds of the true believer, but I do want to offer some suggestions: 1. While hosting a forum is a good idea for a business, you need to establish an official face to the public. I know there is no way you could deal with every complaint, but at least you could post FAQs, success stories, top 10 spammers, suggest clean ISPs, issue official apologies when you make a mistake etc. 2. Invest in selection and training of your “face to the public” personnel. Good sys administrators are not always the best public relations personnel. 3. Realize you’re a business and that your success depends on public perception of your usefulness. Us Internet consumers hate spam but we hate being blocked while doing business even more. Every time you interfere with legitimate internet use, you hurt your worth. 4. Stop trying to make money from reporters of spam by making them waste their time by soliciting donations from them while they try to make a report. Make your money by being a useful, sought after service. 5. I know that finding the right balance of aggressiveness in a spam blocking algorithm is an art rather than a science, but consider backing off a little; It only takes a couple of important missed emails that cost one of your customers money, for them to decide you are part of the problem and not the cure. Of course, I understand this is a business decision and yours to make, not mine. 6. Stop bad mouthing competitors and ISPs. Just try to be the best at what you do. If you choose to be one of the more aggressive blockers, go with that strength. Let the consumer know what they are buying. In closing let me say that private services such as SpamCop may prove to be the only thing that keeps the internet viable. Unbridled spam could clog the system so badly that it becomes much like CB radio became in the 80s: almost unusable. Barring a UN with teeth, which scares me more than all the Internet hoodlums combined, there is no and can’t be any official police function to control all this. In summary, I beseech you SpamCop, admit your mistakes when you make them, provide a good service, make money, have fun, act like the business that you are, and welcome to the capitalistic establishment.
  2. I understand. I do have a hotmail account as a backup and I'm looking into a cell phone based system for complete redundancy. I've got an ups big enough to run my system for an hour and a generator and 50 gallons of gas for power outages that last longer. I had 4 days last winter without grid power. I love this life. It's just that, unless I appear to my clients as a full up professional office, I won't last long in this busisness. Thanks again
  3. Hello Spambo You probably missed some of the info in my earlier posts, (yea I know its a long thread), but I work from a remote area with no phone lines and except for possibly using a cell phone, Direcway is the only ISP I have available to me. Their dynamic IP addressing scheme assigns me an IP when I log on over which the only control I have is to cycle power and try again and hope for a better one. Lack of email connectivity to me means $ lost and/or a 2 hour drive. I work as a consultant for a several clients and in order to use outlook and my extensive contact list and calendar, which is a big part of what I do, I need a POP type email. My biggest client has me working through webmail.us and several Microsoft exchange and VPNs direct to their sites. I have only had trouble when one client at a local government site installed SpamCop (incorrectly I have been told by this forum). There is just not enough time in a lifetime to become an expert at everything and the intricacies of email routing is not one of the learning hills I needed to climb. Thanks to this problem, I have changed my mind. If I misunderstood your suggestions, please clarify Thanks for your concern.
  4. As starter of this post I am thankful and satisfied with the help I got. I believe it is time for it to end. If somewould like to continue the debate of good versus evil in cyberspace I suggest we should move it to the Lounge.
  5. I'm writing this to close loop with the folks that have helped me in getting this problem fixed. I feel I have received a bit of an education. I have read most of the pinned postings and the info on spamcop.net. I have also went to some of the anti-Spamcop blogs and read their postings. It's sometimes hard to tell the good guys from the bad guys but I now have some level of trust that SpamCop is trying to be one of the good guys. I know that SpamCop also has this problem. To use an analogy from the old west, I see SpamCop as well meaning vigilante group that sometimes inadvertently hurts the defenseless and innocent settlers it is trying to protect. I disagree with the poster that said “there are no innocents”. Anyone that is using the internet for honest communication and not mass mailing unsolicited emails, is not part of the enemy, were the reason that organizations like SpamCop exist. We can’t be held accountable for the entire path that our email takes as it bounces around cyberspace; but we can be expected to try to help fix it when things go wrong; and do so without a rant. Ironic that at the same time I was trying to figure out how to get my legitimate emails to a client that wanted to receive them, I was having to sort through a couple of dozen "horny housewives want you....." messages. I now realize that if I am to continue to make my living through telecommuting, I will need to be more savvy to the cyber wars that are going on. My only suggestion to the members here is to be patient with us users that, while quite computer literate in some areas such as databases, programming, and various applications etc. we have no Idea how our email gets routed. Thanks Again Bill J
  6. Since my last post I have spoken to webmail.us and the fremont Sys Admin. Short version, everything points to DW IPA. Every time I've been blocked it's been on that IPA. Fremont has white listed that IPA just for me which will probably take care of my problem but that doesn't completely satisfy me and opens them up to spam. Matt is considering going to another anti program. My next client may not be so generous. I will write a very direct email to DW asking that I never be assigned that IP again. I will search the senderbase.org reports for facts about blacklisting and include them in my emil. Any advice on the content of my letter. They will probably ask me to pony up the $100 per month for the business static IP account and I will consider it since I have $500 invested in the modem. xmitter, and antenna. There are some cell phone internet programs now available in my area that are giving speeds up to 200K with strong signals. Mountain boy special 3Watt booters ensure the signal strength. Can anyone on this forum recommend any of these systems. Do some have better, cleaner IPs than others? Thanks again for all the help
  7. I don't get IP information in my rejection notice. I can only get that by calling the Fremontco.com sys admin and sometimes it's days before I get a response. looking at the header info only gives me the incoming path. See below Rejection message Your email is considered spam, for more information contact your system administrator From: (william.johnson[at]sigmatechcos.com) To: ( "Matt Eliason" <melia[at]fremontco.com>) Subject: ( RE: SpamCop Blocking) Header clip Return-Path: <spam[at]fremontco.com> Received: from gate2.excedent.us (gate2.excedent.us []) by mail2.excedent.us (SMTP Server) with ESMTP id 4A8847B413 for <william.johnson[at]sigmatechcos.com>; Tue, 22 Feb 2005 10:22:45 -0500 (EST) Received: from frecoserv.fremontco.com (fremontco.com []) by gate2.excedent.us (SMTP Server) with ESMTP id 8FF098C589 for <william.johnson[at]sigmatechcos.com>; Tue, 22 Feb 2005 10:22:42 -0500 (EST) Received: from mail pickup service by frecoserv.fremontco.com with Microsoft SMTPSVC; Tue, 22 Feb 2005 08:22:40 -0700 thread-index: AcUY8ljWT+1xWbfnRq68/mwmOppggg== Thread-Topic: Message Rejected From: <spam[at]fremontco.com> To: <william.johnson[at]sigmatechcos.com> Subject: Message Rejected Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2005 08:22:40 -0700 Message-ID: <58a801c518f2$58d65180$993ca8c0[at]fremontco.com> MIME-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1" Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit X-Mailer: Microsoft CDO for Exchange 2000 Content-Class: urn:content-classes:message Importance: normal Priority: normal X-MimeOLE: Produced By Microsoft MimeOLE V6.00.2800.1409 X-ORFilter: mail checked by ORFilter - http://martijnjongen.com/orfilter X-OriginalArrivalTime: 22 Feb 2005 15:22:40.0355 (UTC) FILETIME=[58F54B30:01C518F2] X-Virus-Scanned: OK X-spam-Status: No, hits=0.178 tagged_above=-100 required=6 tests=NO_REAL_NAME X-spam-Level: running tracert to fremontco.com doesen't go through any email server so that's of no use. If someone could help the fremontco.com sys admin"Matt Eliason" <melia[at]fremontco.com with a way to "white list" me, it would be appreciated.
  8. Thank guys, sounds like its time I talk with webmail again. BTW I just tried http://www.privacy.net and it returned an IPA of which is surprizing because that is not what I started on this morning and I have been continuously connected all day. Btw my fremont county Sys Admin mailed to today saying is very new at using Spamcop but is going to try and figure out how to "white list" me.
  9. Excuse my confusion. But, are you saying the problem could lie with my webmail.us account or that I'm just not getting the correct IP address when I use whatsmyip.com? I'll be able to contact my client sys admin in the morning. The Ip he gives me when this happens is usually one that I find blocked. PS: You must be an insomniac like me
  10. New round of problems After 36 hours of good connectivity to fremont county (my spamcop using client), I began getting rejection notices. I found my IPA which was and looked it up on the block list and it was not blocked. I cycled power on my modems and got a new IPA of and verified it was not on the block list. A test mail was also blocked. As suggested, I tried my msn hotmail account and the email went through. I logged in via exchange server and verified it was there. I will contact my Fremont County sys admin tomorrow and see what IPA the rejected emai came in on to see if it matched the ones i think I am on. If I am getting rejected when coming in on a IPA which is not on the blocked list, what is the most likely problem? webmail.us doesn't believe they are causing it. I sent this all off to direcway as usual.... If I could configure my Outlook to pick up my Hotmail account I would be golden, but if it can be done I can't figure it out.
  11. My outlook ccount is set to secure.emailsrvr.com but with no SMPT. To make DW work, I have to check "use Poxy server" on IE browser un Tools/internet options/connections/LAN settings/ and uncheck this when I carry the laptop to another network and plug in. my gov clients require me to ues only secure connections Thanks for your concern but sympathy is not required, this life has it's own compensations. I just wish I could spend less time wrestling with email. Question, do you and others on this site really believe DW is an unreliable company? I have had my problems: one bad transmitter, unsuccessful software updates that caused me to have to bundle up everything but the antenna and find a neighbor with a phone line, and English as a second language help staff. I am a Space systems consultant by trade and the fact that I can communicate directly with a geo sync satellite at 22K miles from earth with a fractional watt transmitter, still seems like a dream to me. There is a rocket launch scheduled for Mar 5 which will put BGAN (Broadband Global Area Network) satellite in place. If successful, this will allow links to 500 Meg with a portable modem and antenna the size of a small laptop.
  12. Thanks all, I'm reading every word. I think Hughes Direcpc is the same company as Direcway. I have left a voice mail with them to discuss this. Let's see if they call me back. Yes I would consider changing ISP if I could. There is one alternate but it is cell phone based but it is slow and some of my neighbors are having similar problems. Thanks for the tip from swingspacers. I suppose I would need to run one of the "what's my IP" web sites to find out what my dynamic IP is and then check it out. And yes, swingspacer, you deciphered my half spelled words correctly. Direcway offers a "business class" service that gives you a stable IP but it costs $100 per month versus the $59 I'm paying now. Might consider it though. Early in this post, miss Betsey replied: Maybe Bill does not use the MSN or webmail.us servers for SMTP, although he could. Maybe he cannot use them because his ISP blocks port 25 and 587 to anything but their own SMTP server. Maybe the blocklisted IP is assigned to his own machine. We don't know without the IP. I don't if DW blocks these ISP ports but the only way anything gets out of my computer is through my DW modem and through the Satellite link to the DW ground station in Virginia. I know there are a lot of spam lists out there. I worked for a company 5 years ago that let their server become an open relay. They finally had to change domains and start over to continue to do business. But since I've been using DW, the only blocked or undelivered emails I have any knowledge of are those by spamcomp. And Wazoo, I don't tick off easily so tell me like you see it. Thanks again for the help and I will remain an active reader of this site.
  13. OK, I did anther search using of Direcway and found 11 posts. Not a lot new expect a frustrated user making idle threats and getting flamed by the administrator. I have no interest in going there. I also re-read the pinned post by Betsey. I also rechecked the latest reported IPA of and found it was now not listed as a blocked IPA. So there's no point if checking if my MSN email can get through. But I will if/when I'm blocked again. Since I was unblocked, I emailed my client and asked if I could be put on a "White list" as suggested. Let me try to restate my cry for help. Remember, I am a user that makes a large part of my living using email. I am assuming that both Direcway and SpamCop are legitimate companies, trying to make a living by providing a service. As a busy user, who hates spam as much as the next guy, I applaud any effort to get rid of it. But I have no other choice for an ISP at the present time besides DW and SpamCop is the only entinty out there blocking me. Thanks for the help I've gotten so far, sorry for the spelling, I am open to other suggestions.
  14. OK, Guilty as charged regarding misspellings. When I type fast without the use of a spellchecker I do spew a lot of mistakes. Sorry. I did a search on Direcway before I made my first post and found one post that was a year old. Maybe I misspelled that also, I'll try again. I'm not sure what you mean about misidentifying applications. Was it the Spybot firewall that you’re speaking of. All I know is that it warns me when an outside source tries to update something on my computer. The firewall checker I use is Hackerwatch.org linked to by the McAfee firewall I use. If you would like to recommend a better one I will be glad to try it. This is the message I get when use it: The IP address requesting this page is different from the IP address of your computer. This indicates that your computer is behind a proxy or NAT. These devices allow you to access the Internet by relaying traffic, typically from multiple computers, through a single IP address. We are unable to directly probe your computer, you should take comfort from this. You have that much more protection between your computer and the Internet. Anyway the only reason I brought this up to to idicate that I work hard to stay secure. Constructive criticism accepted.
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