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    Abnormal QMail Install

    I wouldn't have posted to this forum if I had not exhausted all other avenues of research. I may not know much about QMail, but as the operator of a data center, I do know how to leverage the Internet and fellow admin resources to find the answers I'm looking for. Typically, the suggestions I receive in forums have more to do with my poor grammar or what a lame N00B I am, rather than providing useful information. However, since I must resolve this problem quickly, I am hoping that this forum proves to be different. Sorry about the lack of info. My server is running: Fedora Core 2 qmail 1.03 vpopmail 5.40 qmailadmin 1.06 This QMail deployment was installed entirely from a group of heavily modified RPMs from a third party vendor, whom is conveniently unavailable to help. The three utilities that are mentioned on this site all seem to require a source install, unless I am mistaken. The directions for install chkuser, spamcontrol and qmail-ldap all reference editing the source, re-compiling with calls to the respecitve scripts, and re-installing. I guess what I need to know is: A. Is it possible to do this with an RPM install. I mean, I could get the source and slap it on my server, bu what happens when I recomplie and install over an RPM install? My guess is that I won't have to worry about SpamCop blocking my sender's mail anymore, since the server will be completely jacked. - or - B. Has anyone else out there ever had to do this? Maybe there is some secret RPM out there that will zap my Qmail and make it spam-cop friendly, something designed for tards like me whom have no right using a C compiler. Thanks in advance! doug
  2. foshizzleco

    Abnormal QMail Install

    I administer a QMail server for a small-ish ISP that has ended up on the spamcop blacklist several times over the last week for the misdirected bounces issue. I would love nothing more than to install the CHKUSER, SPAMCONTROL, or QMAIL-LDAP utilities/patches to fix this problem, and make my users and spamcop happy. Problem is, this email server was built by a third-party and was installed from RPM, not directly from source. Therefore, all of the instructions included with the aforementioned patches don't apply to my situation, and I don't have the QMail expertise to figure this out myself, or re-install QMail. To top it off, the company that built the server won's return my calls or emails, and my 400+ users are ready to rip my head off! Any suggestions or assistance would be GREATLY appreciated! Regards, Doug