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  1. Ah yes, very true indeed!!, but ... So far, they seem to have no "motivation" to stop!! DNSBL's don't seem to work (nice try by Spamhaus and SpamCop and others, noble ambition, but no real results). The "automated" JHD (just hit delete) systems seem like the only way to put the junk where it belongs. Once the spammers realize that "almost foolproof" JHD systems are being used by nearly everyone, only the really stupid will be reading spam. Which seems to be their "target audience" anyway
  2. Why not use Outlook 2003 and the "Junk E-mail" filter that is built in, then you can have a happy life without spam, and without SpamCop.
  3. Yes, but someone "goofed", by reporting you (that's not good) and your provider terminated you (their client) because of a SpamCop "snitch" (that's unreasonable). It seems you've got some problems.
  4. What do you think of using SpamCop compared to Spamhaus??
  5. That's good, because there are those "sensitive" souls
  6. Is anyone going to advise "Don" that his "tone" could be improved??
  7. Yes, could be that PC Mag is not involved, but I asked Zinio "support" and they said they were instructed to send it to me by PC Mag, and even gave a "subscription code" for a subscription at PC Mag that I don't have. Very interesting ...
  8. I recently received an unsolicited html email (advertisement) from Zinio, stating that my copy of PCMag was now available. Apparently, this is just a scam to get you to download the Zinio "reader" and get one "sample" copy of PC Mag. PC Mag has my email address from "utility download" services.
  9. Anyone Merlyn does not like is branded a "spammer" and a "troll". He must have taken a special course in how to abuse people. :angry:
  10. Another spanked spammer speaks more nonsense. They know so little and the know it so fluently. Must be a full moon coming, the trolls are getting restless. Trolls are very dirty creatures, they defecate where they feed so if you feed the troll you must clean up after it. Please do not feed this troll. Now how would a Donkey know anything about Trolls
  11. Certainly, I remeber having chock all over my pants! What's "chock"??
  12. You don't KNOW what the SpamCop "rules" are?? You only BELIEVE that you know?? Your ASSUMED definition is not one that's accepted by other "spamfighters" or Federal Legislation currectly in effect. It's just your personal definition
  13. ...and once again it has nothing to do with being fanatic! Look in a mirror lately
  14. Obviously they are using spammy ISPs! For once (maybe it's twice now) I agree with you That's not saying anything against any ISP in particular. Some really do seem to specialize in "being friendly to spammers", while others are just unfortunate enough to have been "reported" by a SpamCop fanatic because "it's email that I did not want". It seems nearly every ISP (including the "major providers") have been (or are) on a DNSbl. So, every ISP seems to be "spammy".
  15. I second that! Yes, you would But if those 3 false positives were for 3 billion dollars sales, then SpamCop has cost this company (and others) lots All of our public non-employee addresses remain unfiltered and unblocked, especially the RFC required ones. In other words, the box 'sales at ourdomain.com' gets lots of spam. I get lots of spam through postmaster, webmaster, etc. The employees do not get much spam. ...Ken Very good thinking ... All of which proves the point (made by SpamCop) that the SpamCop system is experimental and not to be used in a production environment where delivery of email is critical. Glad you understand the warning. There are "executives" and "sales" people that can't afford the possible "damage" that unreliable "experimental" systems cause, and a PC based spam filter (POPFile being best) is much more appropriate.
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