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  1. Man, Ditto that request. I signed my partner up for email through Spamcop as well. Of course. we weren't even a couple when I started using SpamCop back in 2000, and now the only way I could get both of us up and on SpamCop was to pay full boat for both of us to have accounts. I did try to email 'billing at spamcop dot net' before I signed my partner up, but no reply so I went ahead and signed up for the second account at full price (to be fair I'm not sure if 'billing at spamcop dot net' is an active email account; I couldn't find a billing email address on the site so I took a guess) It would be great if you could look into allowing this. Thanks! Scotty (Spamcop user since 2000)
  2. To the Administrators: I'm a longtime SpamCop customer and advocate. I have a simple request. Twice in the last two months those of us with 2 letter email names (XY[at]spamcop.net) have been buried by return notices originating from .ru nets. I know we could discuss 2 letter email names, but I've had this account for years and it was a different world when I first chose the two letter name. To change it now would be VERY difficult based on the number of legitimate people who have this address. I've tried setting up filters in outlook, spamcop, all over. I've managed to kill 90% of the returns automatically before they clog my inbox. However, unfortunately this months' mass spamming by this Russian-based spammer is in volume considerably higher than last month. This morning I had to clean out 790 returns that my filter did not catch. The majority were bounces that were from Russia-based ISP's. I never receive legitimate emails from Russia, so having that blacklist available would really help with these issues. So, based on the fact that: 1) A Russian-based spam operation is using (xy[at]spamcop.net) formatted addresses as sender email address in their spam; 2) Spamcop users are being negatively affected by this; 3) A blacklist does exist to block all .ru nets; 4) We already have multiple countries in the blocklist (China, Korea, etc); Would you consider adding Russia and maybe some other countries (like Italy for example) to the list? If this would be a bad idea, maybe you could explain why. Thanks for your time! Scotty (Spamcop user since 2000)
  3. Personally, I appreciate being part of the 'gang'. Considering that the gang's goals are: 1) Stop spam from flooding their inbox. 2) Stop spam from flooding MY inbox. 3) Alert the (sometimes) innocent ISP's when one of their users violates their TOS agreement by sending UCE. The beautiful thing about the free market system (as Betsy pointed out) is that we all get to 'vote' with our currency. Yourbuddy can join an ISP that provides no filtering, and he can do it all himself. Betsy, myself, and the other loyal users of spamcop who find value in being part of the 'gang' can choose to do so. I have to admit I generally laugh at these 'damn you spamcop people for blocking my email' threads. Sometimes, valid mistakes are made. More often than not though, people let themselves get all upset for no valid reason. If person A tries to send email to person B and Person B's ISP blocks it based on a spamhaus, spamcop, or any other list... Well then Person A could get a free email address from any one of hundreds of sources to get their mail through. Or Person A could get Person B to add them to a white list. Or Person B could choose to get a different ISP. Hell, Person A could pull out a pen and paper, dust off the fax, or pick up a phone too. My goodness, isn't it amazing that we EVER managed to communicate with each other before 1990! At the end of the day, we all have choices. Choices about how to communicate (email, fax, phone, flight, etc etc), who provides our services, and how we like to personally work those services. Those who don't like my choice: I'm sorry. Get over it. If you don't like me because I like Spamcop, well then don't send me any emails I didn't create the spam problem, nor did the spam list builders. I personally don't send spam messages, and I choose providers that take a hard line on spam, thus voting with MY dollars. I'd sure like to say a big word of thanks to my fellow 'gang' members for putting forth the effort to report these pesky spammers for the good of the gang. I thank you, my inbox thanks you, and the people I do business with thank you as well, because I can respond to them MUCH faster when I don't have to wade through 80 spam messages a day to get at the 'real' 40 messages that need my attention. Scotty (Spamcop user since 2000) P.S. Hmmm... Maybe we shoud all get spam-colored bandanas and come up with a spamcop gang salute, eh? P.P.S. I also choose to 'vote with my time' by ignoring the resident forum troll (I'm sure everyone knows who I'm talking about)
  4. Please don't feed the troll... Scott (Spamcop user since 2000)
  5. Hi Stephen. Reverse DNS (rDNS) is a method of resolving an IP address into a domain name, just as the domain name system (DNS) resolves domain names into associated IP addresses. One of the applications of reverse DNS is as a spam filter. Here's how it works: Typically, a spammer uses an invalid IP address, one that doesn't match the domain name. A reverse DNS lookup program inputs IP addresses of incoming messages to a DNS database. If no valid name is found to match the IP address, the server blocks that message. Although reverse DNS is fairly effective for filtering spam, it also sometimes blocks valid e-mail, at least in the current technological environment. A number of problems, including improperly configured networks or servers, can prevent legitimate messages from getting through the filter. Hope that helps explain things. Good luck! Scott (Spamcop user since 2000)
  6. You might want to see the post in the email forum (really the correct place for this kind of problem): This is the post Good luck! Scott (Spamcop user since 2000)
  7. Steve,, You are not alone. I also have been dealing with this for the last 48 hours. Already I've had over 100 bounces to my spamcop.net email address. Looks like some enterprising spammer is having a go at spamcop (again!). I've had the same spamcop email address for several years now, and there's no way I'm changing. I will tell you what I've done with this particular instance. I have set up a rule in my outlook that looks in the subject header for 'undeliverable' or 'undelivered' or 'returned email' etc. When the rule finds these messages, it automatically deletes them. Since I use IMAP to communicate with Spamcop, they aren't actually 'deleted' at that stage; in Outlook they just get the line drawn through them and are marked for deletion (and taken out of my way). Once a day I've been scrolling through the list which takes me all of 30 seconds. Then once I've made sure nothing looks like it's been incorrectly caught automatically I purge the deleted items from the edit menu. It's really sorted this mess out for me - you might want to give that a try. Good Luck! Scott (Spamcop user since 2000)
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