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  1. Hello friend. I can't add new topic. And so I desided that this topic is the best for my sugestion. NEW ANTI SPAMMERS GLOBAL PROGRAMM What we have now: ~60 DNS black lists whith some update speed (not very fast) OR filters on SMTP servers, which uses this DNS black lists BUT!!! Spammers are faster than our "spamm reporters" !!! We need faster update mechanism! That is the first thing. The second is that we block only spammers, but not spamm-scanners, who creates and updates spammers Data Bases What I want to do: I want to resolve all that 2 problems. BUT I can't write all here, because, spammers can read this. I need SPAMCOP and ISP administration's help to make my project alive. HELP me please me to realize it !!!
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