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    e-mails getting lost

    Update: I removed myself from the whitelist, but roughly the same relative amount of spam still makes it through. It seems pretty clear that the latest spamming tools have been tuned to outwit SA.
  2. claudeo

    e-mails getting lost

    petzl, steven Thanks for the thoughtful replies and the research. My bad concerning the whitelisting of my domain. Had to do that years ago when there was a problem with false positives on mail cc'd from my domain, e.g. ccs of mail to myself; I think it was in the early days of the host configuration setup. Never thought of going back to fix the whitelist. Anyway, I've fixed that. Regarding my primary host there is supposed to be no filtering and when I asked them to review their logs immediately after incoming messages went missing, they found nothing. As I said, American Express is not exactly helpful in coming up with a NDR. However I found on my primary host a cpanel email filter that I don't remember seeing before: discard if "" in the subject. That does not seem to apply to the emails I missed; I got copies of some of the lost email as sent to another email account on an different server, and I don't see anything that would trigger that rule, since the subject lines were never empty. But I turned off the rule all the same. We'll see...
  3. claudeo

    e-mails getting lost

    I have my mail forwarded from my primary hosting service directly to my spamcop account, from which I pull it with POP3. I have for several months been put on notice by American Express (when I log to my account) that my email address is invalid. Of course I can't get a copy of a rejection notice. Several other people have called me to ask why I did not reply to their email that went into never never land. Of course I checked my held mail, no no avail. My hosting service says their logs don't show any rejection, but they don't seem to keep logs of the forwarding. Everybody is pointing their finger to everyone else. This is bad. I really can't afford to lose incoming email. My livelihood depends on it. Most of my prospects won't pursue the matter--they just assume that I'm out of business or not interested in their inquiry. Now, on the other hand, spamcop fails to stop a lot of obvious spam. In fact, spamcop happily failed to block an email this morning with a spamassassin score of 14.4, when my setting is 5 (tracking url: http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z1227783014z0...21bdab9a512b9z). Approximately as much spam makes it through as gets diverted to my Held Mail, which indicates something is completely out of whack somewhere--maybe the spammers have effectively managed to defeat spamcop filtering. So much spam is coming through that I'm beginning to wonder whether it is worth it.
  4. claudeo


    Been receiving a whole slew of spam from this domain today. They brazenly use an [at]twomarktrk.com return address because they know it won't go anywhere, and they go right through my spamcop email account filter. They're flying under the radar. Whois queries on twomarktrk.com return nothing, but they managed to get DNS because forward.twomarktrk.com, which is the address they use for clicks in their messages, does resolve. A ping of that finds a server that responds. For example, report ID 1917846671 (I don't know whether you can see that -- I forgot to copy the links after filing the report in the web interface. But here is what looks like a full link: http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z1062820437z9...14bac4790525b6z
  5. claudeo

    New Webmail Launched

    I vote for dropping the Report spam button -- based on the few minutes during which I was able to work with the new system today.