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  1. I sent a message to the deputies when my ISP was reported. I got back a response explaining what I needed to do to "undo" what was done - I hadn't done all the steps, and the "no quick reporting" flag had been cleared based on what I had done. Then I foolishly reported spam. Yes, I was an idiot. I knew better, just had my brain in neutral for a few minutes. It's been a trying, but educational, afternoon and evening. When I have some time to work through it, I'll give it another shot. Also, in my ISP's flame to me , they did explain the forwarding route for my multiple email accounts/aliases, which may help. They set it up differently than what I understood from previous conversations with them. The forwarding apparently is: [at]mydomain.com -> me[at]ISPdom1.com -> me2[at]pop.ISPdom1.com -> me[at]spamcop.net There's also another, supposedly "real", totally unfiltered email address, me2[at]pop.ISPdom2.com. Not sure where that fits into the picture. I think some of this is legacy from my old dial-up email account, then a switch to DSL. And, there's an alias that points to me[at]ISPdom1.com that still receives a couple emails a year. I gather that, in setting up the mailhost configuration, I should start with me2[at]pop.ISPdom1.com first, and work backwards to mydomain.com. Guidance here would be welcome. I'll read the pinned notes once again and try again in a few days. Thanks
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    Held Mail

    I don't think I said I didn't care. I've been checking regularly for any messages that got held that shouldn't have. I've been traveling and working long hours and was hoping that automatic deletion would keep it trimmed to a reasonable number of messages. So, is it supposed to be deleted after two weeks, and that's not working? Or is there some other algorithm at work?
  3. Needless to say, I think I've learned my lesson. I've now been struck twice, in two different ways. I wish I could remove the quick reporting buttons from the pages! I'll repeat what you said: DON'T USE QUICK REPORTING - IT'LL HURT YOU! (And, yes, I intended to shout) Gary
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    Held Mail

    My Held Mail was up to almost 2,000 messages and the oldest was over 3 weeks old. I started manually deleting messages, which is a real time killer. Is there a delete problem? or do I just need to be more patient? Thanks. Gary
  5. I attempted to go through the mailhost configuration, and was unsuccessful. I have several accounts that forward (or are aliases?) to another, which forwards to SpamCop. I don't recall the exact error message (I know - I should have written it down or copied it), but bottom line is, after a number of attempts, I finally clicked the cancel button to undo whatever had been done. Then, I foolishly went to my Held Mail to do some cleanup and reporting (as suggested in a FAQ somewhere). (open message, verify it's spam, click "report as spam") Needless to say, all the reports got sent to MY ISP! Are they ever pi**ed! They threatened to cancel all my forwarding to Spamcop AND close my mailbox. (Not sure they need to cancel the forwarding once they close the mailbox... ) There is a thread somewhere that says once you do the host configuration, that no quick-reports will be allowed for a period of time. Apparently in my case, the host configuration got partially done or didn't get undone or something, but the quick reporting didn't get blocked. At this point, I feel it would be unsafe for me to report any spam through SpamCop. Gary