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  1. well i indeed use that but as you added the other mail host now it will probably work now... i will try that with the next bunch of mails. thanks for helping out.
  2. yes betsy...like i said, if i submit 10 mails maybe one fails....with the error i posted..
  3. the chello.nl is my internet provider.. my used email account is the original one given to me 7 years ago. thats also the one i use here at spamcop and is the one i submit spam with. so all is original.. the faild spam mail i tried to report was addressed to that original mail account,so whythis one faild is weird.
  4. well ive been reporting spam to spamcop for a long time,never had any configurations problem.. im using windows xp pro and use mozilla 1.0.7 a few days ago i couldnt report any mail anymore and did the spamcop mail config again..(verifying myself) after that all was ok... and the one i posted maybe worked for you but i saw different results..
  5. http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z1302478511z7...5e27bff0e1c4ccz out of 10 spam mails i report 1 will ends up like that.. No source IP address found, cannot proceed. why is that ? and second... ive tried 2 times now if i receive a bunch of spam to use the forward submit.. normaly i would get the mail to complete,but i dont get that anymore..
  6. well non of it all worked... so i did the mail check / config on your system... i received the mail,verified it bla bla bla.. still the same error.. then i decided to kick everything i saw out... all the isp info...and my info as well.. so started clean.. that did the trick.. spam reports are accepted again. but weird thing is , is that it shows chello.at instead of chello.nl
  7. here you go.. http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z1299224796zc...bd58a59242b774z
  8. Hello, This afternoon my ISP chello from the netherlands had a major problem with the mail. Now when i try to report spam (manually) by putting the whole mail in ,like i always do...i get : No source IP address found, cannot proceed Nothing to do. This is with every mail. Whats wrong?
  9. huh? but what does it mean ? i still dont know..
  10. ok...this is the second mail i received with a simple trick... imagine this.. a spammer sends mail trying to send traffic to : http://through interestminute full. info/sinci/index.html?jiVfSI.hcfYYV,WY but when you report the spam the report also says.. Tracking link: http://throug hinterestmin utefull. info/sinci/index.html?jiVfSI.hcfYYV,WY No recent reports, no history available Cannot resolve http://throughinterestminutefull.info/sinci/index.html?jiVfSI.hcfYYV,WY See cannot resolve ? Thats completely wrong... if you visit http://through interestmi nutefull. info you will see they closed the root access and with that you cant trace anything,not by ping,not by traceroute.....nothing.. so are they getting smater? And how do you get their ip ? Moderatot Edit: URLs broken
  11. [at]turetzsr im not saying it has to do with the reporting... you may call it useless posting but whatever we write,it will never solve it... its getting close to a lounge conversation.... so this is the second time im moved to a different topic as it suits better? Basically....were just wasting our time.. ill stop reporting cause i have better things to do then hope for better times... i disabled replies here now cause if my (useless replies) are unwanted then i see no reason why i should participate in all of it...
  12. well thats just the point.... if there weren't any problems they could take out that nag screen. how can an serious organisation like spamcop use such crap like delaying a submission.... "we like to force you into paying..".. fact is.....if somebody goes for the subscribed spamcop you will never be 100% sure that you can use it with the speed promised...cause your dependable on your internet connection... on the other hand.........offering a anti spam package....for that money would be more attractive ,and the package is allways there.... something like that...
  13. Thats a nice one.... But spamcop uses techniques to slowdown submission and starts with : Please wait - subscribe to remove this delay (or click reload if this page does not refresh automatically in 5 seconds.) Whats the idea behind that? They are delaying it as a standard process... perhaps the delay is more delayed....then the few seconds... way i see it is that spamcop is using its submission in a unfriendly way cause it creates a delay in the reporting and isnt needed. Moderator's note: this and its replies were moved from http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?...ost&p=53360 as they were OT there and are more relevant here. PM sent to advise of move/merge.
  14. well its still so slow.... we almost reach the point that using spamcop is getting useless. amazing...the spam costs billions a year and we have to rely on spamcop with a sh**ty submission speed. any other parties that do the same as spamcop ? maybe its time to just drop it.
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