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  1. I would like the ability, when I forward spam, to include my personal comments and opinions about it. I found out the SpamCop parser tries to parse my comment if I put it in the forwarding message. I suspect other destinations I might include in the to list have the same problem with it. Although SpamCop could provide for a comments area, I believe the anti-spam community as a whole needs to agree on a standard to allow comments to be entered in a prescribed format, such as <comment> ... </comment>. I forward to two or three uce or spoof addresses, in addition to Spamcop, when it seems appropriate. I report as a mole, and besides I might decide not to report via sc after seeing the parse, so including these as additional report destinations doesn't help. I see this as a long-term proposal, to get a number of spam-receiving addresses to accept comments. I also would like to eventually see a spam-forwarding faq that would guide the novice user where to send specific types of mail. An example message body: A forwarded message is attached. <comment> The spamcop.net and ebay.com sites appear to be innocent bystanders </comment>
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