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  1. It has been failing for me the past couple of hours after working flawlessly since it's inception. I've sent an email to support <at> spamcop.net
  2. motobojo

    Beta Test New Webmail

    When I first opened the beta webmail I noticed an inconsistency between which folder is displayed and which folder is identified in the box next to the "Open Folder" button. The folder displayed indicates "Held Mail", while the folder identified in the box next to the "Open Folder" button is "Inbox". In fact the contents displayed were that of "Inbox". It is easy to fix by merely forcing a selection through the use of the "Open Folder" button, but for the sake of minimizing confusion I thought I'd mention that the inital conditions can be a bit inconsistent.
  3. motobojo

    smtp server

    Okay, so SC doesn't support SMTP. Darn. So my following question may be going beyond the scope of the forum, but I'll give it a try. And forgive me if my question is naive. So, I want my return address on my mail to be myscacct[at]spamcop.net. I want to use OE for my mail interface, not SC's webmail. I used to be able to us OE to send emails looking like they came from myscacct[at]spamcop.net, but were sent by my ISP's SMTP server. Now the SMTP server errors out with: "The message could not be sent because one of the recipients was rejected by the server. The rejected e-mail address was 'address_irrelevant[at]spamcop.net'. Subject 'test', Account: 'SpamCop', Server: 'xxx.yyy.zzz.3', Protocol: SMTP, Server Response: '550 not local host spamcop.net, not a gateway', Port: 25, Secure(SSL): No, Server Error: 550, Error Number: 0x800CCC79" I suspect that my ISP had a security hole before and was being used by spammers as a relay and when he plugged that hole this quit working for me. Ironic. Anyway, anybody have any suggestions on how I can get OE working with my ISP's SMTP server to make it look like my email is coming from myscacct[at]spamcop.net? Thanks for your time and consideration?