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  1. For the last week or two, SpamAssassin is no longer able to report (manually via spamassasin -r) my spams. I finally took the time to track it down today, and the problem is that spamassassin uses port 587 to communicate with spamcop, and that apparently stopped working. >telnet vmx.spamcop.net 25 Trying Connected to vmx.spamcop.net. Escape character is '^]'. 220 vmx.spamcop.net ESMTP quit 221 vmx.spamcop.net Connection closed by foreign host. >telnet vmx.spamcop.net 587 Trying telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection timed out I've "fixed" it by editing /usr/share/perl5/Mail/SpamAssassin/Plugin/Spamcop.pm and changing the port from 587 to 25, but presumably 587 should be an acceptable place to submit spam reports?
  2. Still broken for me. I think I have been able to report a couple spams over the last week, but mostly they have been failling, either I give up after the browser just says "connecting" for a couple of minutes, or I get the proxy timeout error that others have posted. The error I got just now was "Gateway Timeout - in read The proxy server did not receive a timely response from the upstream server. Reference #1.1f9ca5d8.1341928494.14af569" I usually don't login when reporting, just use the link in the email. Today I logged in, after seeing some people say that worked better, but I get the same behavior either way.
  3. I'd like to second the request to parse the email as it goes, and not bail if a later received header has an IPv6 header in it. An email I just tried to submit should have been reported to the first received header, even though the second header contains an IPv6 header - you already ignore later headers due to possible forging, it seems like it might be possible to remove the IPv6 check for the potentially forged headers, and then these types of spams would be reported correctly. Thanks!
  4. Thanks. (and thanks to whoever filed it into this forum topic - I had searched for it, but didn't find it, so had opened a new topic). I didn't read the entire thread (skimmed a couple pages of it) and I also think it is a timing thing, and a "sleep" would fix it, though I have seen long (15 seconds, at least) "timeouts" before it clears.
  5. Hi. I often forward a bunch of messages to spamcop, and then login and report them all, using the "report now" link (I think that is the spelling/words of the link) that shows on the screen as "unreported spam". In the last week (or maybe two) that link seems to be using an old cache or something, that it is often pointing to the same spam I just reported. Sometimes if I refresh the page, the link will update, other times, I click on the "report now" button, and it says, "you've already reported this spam", and then has the same link to itself at the bottom of the page. Yesterday, I clicked on the link probably five times, and it never refreshed to the next spam. So, I just clicked on the "remove all unreported spam", and didn't report the last one. It'd be nice to fix that, as it is handier than clicking on the link in each email.
  6. I almost didn't send the report when I saw spamcop had grabbed out a BBC.uk URL, since presumably they wouldn't be spamming, but I didn't think about it long enough and just clicked send anyway. I heard back from the bbc folks today saying that "they have no control over email they didn't send", which is quite reasonable - and as the spammer was linking to a legitimate story about a rich guy who died (and therefore I should claim all of his money...) there isn't anything for the BBC to do. I am not sure how to prevent spamcop from reporting them, except for making them manually click on the thing that says "ISP is not interested in receiving reports for this URL", which hopefully they only have to do once and isn't too burdensome for legitimate ISPs. However, why I am posting here is that the parser changed a working URL into a broken one, so the report actually contained a URL that the spammer didn't send... The spammer sent: http://newswww.bbc.net.uk/2/hi/uk_news/eng...ire/4537663.stm And the BBC report included: http://www.bbc.net.uk/2/hi/uk_news/england...ire/4537663.stm Actually, there happened to be a carriage return after the http:// which maybe is what caused the problem. But, anyway, the BBC guy was confused as to why he was getting a report about an invalid URL when the spammer actually sent a valid one. Relevant spam reports: * 4012674023 ( http://www.bbc.net.uk/2/hi/uk_news/england/oxfo... ) * 4012674018 ( http://www.bbc.net.uk/2/hi/uk_news/england/oxfo... ) * 4012674011 ( )
  7. Yay! Jonathan Daley you may already have won a million dollars. A small group of select folks from Pittsburgh have been selected, and it is guaranteed that one of them will be entered into the drawing!!!!! I know what you mean - I am a moderator on another forum, and we spend 75% of our time saying, "read the FAQ", "you configured apache wrong, type this instead", "talk to your host, we really do write software that works", "empty your browser cache, it works fine from here", etc.
  8. I saw it - I didn't know if you were really interested - or just figured it wasn't actually going to work... I sent it anyway.
  9. Yes, other than the philosophical dislike of that other login sort of half working. I can give someone the login info if they would like to see the set-cookie error. I haven't signed up for another ISP account yet, but presumably, as long as I make sure the addresses are different, won't have any trouble with that.
  10. service[at]admin said that they can't see my reporting account at all, but instead sees that my reporting account was converted to an ISP account. Here are the steps that I took: spamcop[at]daley is a reporting only account for a long time. a month ago (or so) changed the email address to spamcop[at]jon. The login did not change (and service[at]admin verified that this is correct, the login id stays the same, but one can the email address to whatever he wants). A day or two ago, I added an ISP account, using the spamcop[at]jon address. I believe this was what caused all the difficulty. spamcop didn't refuse to use that address as a login, since it was a unique login, but then somehow matched up the email addresses, and merged the two accounts. service[at]admin removed the "ISP bit" and I can login in again, using spamcop[at]jon. spamcop[at]daley still gives the same cookie error - if I type in the wrong password, it breaks, so definitely the system still knows that address exists, though service[at]admin was not able to find it. He recommended using spamcop[at]jon as the reporting address, create a new ISP account using a different email address, and (presumably) stop using the spamcop[at]daley account, though I still use the same submit.asadsdqrk address that I have always used. Very strange.
  11. Yeah, that is better. Though, even if it was written that way, I still would have asked the question, since I used to be able to login... Presumably admin[at] will be able to fix it. Thanks for your thoughts.
  12. I tried logging in from three (new - never logged before, ie. no stored cookies) different systems, using lynx and links. Exact same error. I signed up for a new account, and it works fine on all machines. Something must have gotten screwy with my account. spamcop[at]daley.snurgle.org. Edit: 2005/09/25 09:14 EDT -0400 Jeff G. munged the email address.
  13. I should have posted this before: when I login via http auth, I get "no userid found". One thing that has changed is that I signed up for an ISP account, (under a different email address, though the mailhosts part of my reporting account knows about this address). I am able to login to the ISP side fine.
  14. I will try on another computer later today. I am a reporting only member, as I said. I submitted the spam via email. When I said "headers", I mean HTTP headers, not email headers, so, yes, they do make a difference in logging in. I am using Debian linux, Firefox, 1.0.6 (I know there is something funny with the debian firefox version numbers, I believe this is the latest stable release available). I am using the URL http://spamcop.net/ Either by cookie or my browser remembers my password, so they are already filled in in the upper right corner, and I always just hit the "login" button. Instead of getting the regular page, I get a text only, HTTP headers, like I posted. I guess you really did have a hard time understanding me, as I am looking through your response. I said, "I have tried the non-cookie method *before*", meaning I did try it this time, but I didn't know if it was supposed to work for a reporting-only account. (so, yes, I did try to login via the members.spamcop.net, though I didn't think I counted as a "member", since I am reporting-only). I believe you are saying both options are available for reporting only accounts, right? I still can't login, and so since you can, I guess it is on my side - the funny thing is that it has worked for years (or at least until whenever you started having logins). I will look around.
  15. Edit: 2005/09/25 00:57 EDT -0400 Jeff G. split this Topic from How to log into the web based reporting window in the How to use .... > SpamCop Reporting Forum. I can't login via either of the two methods. I haven't ever tried the non-cookie method before, so I don't know if that is supposed to work for my account (I am just using a reporting account only). The cookie login doesn't seem to be getting set - I see this text in the web browser, perhaps there is an extra carriage return in the headers?
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