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    Affliate spam and Willful Blindness By Host

    Well I found the home address of the CEO, maybe I'll send him a physical letter and include printouts of the articles on his client that both mcaffee and Sophos have written using his client as prime examples of how snow shoe spam works. http://www.sophos.com/blogs/sophoslabs/?p=9800 I think that between that article and mcaffee's I have enough evidence to make a claim of false advertising against Lunarpages with the BBB and California AG for not honoring their advertised AUP. Too bad the California Bar will not investigate fake lawyer referral services.
  2. Devilwolf

    Yahoo filtering outgoing email

    Yahoo has not answered a support email in decades.
  3. Devilwolf

    Yahoo filtering outgoing email

    Verizon often allows spam in, but will block any attempt to forward it to an non "abuse[at]" address. Very vexxing when I'm trying to work with an actual person at an abuse desk. Verizon has an appeal process, but it not transparent. You have to forward the spam to a 3rd party, and they will made a judegment, but you will not be informed either way.
  4. Devilwolf

    DirectTV spam

    I started getting similar spam from ADT Home Alarm installers, and called ADT.... unlike Directv, they called me back quickly, and said that they would start a cease and desist case against the spammers' site.
  5. I'm been getting a ton of lawsuit referral spam similar to the stuff in this article http://blogs.mcafee.com/mcafee-labs/peerin...arketing-window The spammer web page is hosted at lunarpages.com http://www.lunarpages.com/acceptable-use/ Which is playing the game of You cannot prove our client is spamming because the client is not sending the emails and you can't prove the client authorized the Russian spammers to spam on their behalf, even though the AUP states "You agree not use your account to or otherwise knowingly or otherwise permit the violation any provision of the Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing Act (CAN-spam ACT)" This sort of logic by the host basically gives a free pass for companies to hire spammers because you can never prove they hired the spammer w/o investing in a lawsuit and doing a discovery. So I want fall back to plan B, which is file complaints with everyone from the California AG and BBB, FTC etc. I know lunarpages is being willfully blind towards the actions of their client, but I'm not quite sure how to explain that in a regulatory complaint. Sample of spam http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z4578577412ze...01649b066f376cz They did slip up and forwarded an email between them and the client to me... Any advice on how to help get their IP blacklisted with nice folks over at Spamhaus?
  6. Devilwolf

    French arrest cyber-crime suspect for U.S.

    Ask the French if they will re-open Devil's Island.
  7. Devilwolf

    Serious Blackmail-Extortion Letter

    I would act like a mark/victim and get them to share as much about how they would like to be paid, then report it. If they are using paypal, Paypal can "clawback" payments and withdrawals. Once you get some real payment point info you can file a criminal extortion complaint.
  8. Devilwolf

    DirectTV spam

    Here is their reply regarding the "marketing policy" We have an anti-spam policy, but it is secret.... I can't see any logical reason to keep the policy secret, every other affiliate marketing program I've seen has a publicly available AUP/TOS. Well time to switch providers when the contract expires...
  9. Devilwolf

    DirectTV spam

    OK, I got these response, which looks like it was vetting by an army of lawyers given all the weasel words. I replied back asking for a copy of the "policy regarding Internet marketing" Then got this from the company the DTV installer uses to manage their affiliate program. I suspect there was either some back channel between DTV Corp and Trident that lit a fire under their asses, but as you can see from DTV email, they are still trying to claim they are not responsible for the suspected criminal actions of their 2nd level affiliates. In general I've noticed that a lot more domestic name brand retailers are getting back into bed with spammers. I'm recently gotten spam from Matrix Direct, Simpleink.com, etc. but DTV generates the most.
  10. Devilwolf

    DirectTV spam

    Here is the reply I got from Corporate regarding spamming by their affiliates - my original question is at the bottom of the email. I replied with an email asking them to confirm that:
  11. Devilwolf

    DirectTV spam

    Found a VP of client relations contact buried in their website, so I've tried that. My contract with DTV is up in Dec, so if I don't get a response I will just cancel my DTV service for another TV provider that doesn't hire as many spammers.
  12. Devilwolf

    DirectTV spam

    The issue is not DTV spamming directly, but DTV hires affiliates who hire affiliates who spam. DTV just gives me the run around about how it is not their fault if they hire people who hire criminals, but DTV is still making a profit from its will blindness. Since DTV seems to be a popular with spammers because of the huge commissions they pay, and DTV spam has been a problem for years. I was wondering if they have ever been called on the carpet for their willful blindness?
  13. Devilwolf

    DirectTV spam

    Has DirectTV ever released anything about that their policies on their affiliates spamming? Dealing with their first line consumer relations people I just get the "we didn't send you the spam, so its not our problem please contact the spammer to stop the spam."
  14. I've been getting a lot of spam (in fact almost all of it) where the urls have superscripts, and "?" in the url. My browsers resolve them to valid sites, but spam cop yaks on the url... see http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z3684996474z1...9d140d175e6ba0z Any suggestions as to how to get it to report correctly without a lot of manual tweaking...
  15. Devilwolf

    Elaborate Nigerian Scam

    Oddly since Xmas - I have only gotten one piece of Nigerian spam. Even better... before Xmas, I bought 10 option contracts on OSIS (airport security co.) for $200, after Xmas these same options went up in value to $4000. Thank You Nigeria! You just got me a 40" HDTV.