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  1. I can move mail from the inbox to the "Held Mail" folder. But when I go through the sequence: 1) from the inbox folder click on "Report spam" 2) from the "Report spam" page click on "Held Mail" The "held Mail" page says there is no held mail. BUT, if I 'open'"Held Mail" folder the mail in question appears there and can be "quick reported". I do NOT use the "quick report" feature for several reasons including that it does not allow me to see the header analysis before submitting and does not allow me to add my own comments. This has been a problem for at least a week now, maybe more. I have used the "repost Problem" button to report it, but have received no reply. What's up? -- FF
  2. Surely you jest. I get up to 200 spams per day, most sent directly to my SpamCop account. The blacklists and Spamassassin catch about 90% of those, though often the filters 'stall' for anywhere from a couple of minutes to several hours. By 'stall' I mean that the email is properly tagged, but the filters are not automatically applied when I log in and also nothing happens when I click on the inverted triangle icon that is supposed to actuate filtering. Then sometime later, they work and those emails get filtered. I don't know what would happen if I reconfigured to block, instead of to tag, but since I don't want to block instead of tagging, that issue is moot. -- FF No. Also the expansion happens that way regardless of whether I use the address book or simply type the address in manually in the "Compose" window. The problem is also present using IE6.x, there does not appear to be a more recent IE update for W2kP. I haven't tried replying to a "plussed" address. How about if send to me at fredfighter[at]spamcop.net, from a plussed address, with "PLUSSED ADDRESS TEST" in the subject line and I will try that. -- FF
  3. Thanks. I did ask, and the answer is still no. Evidently "Quick Reporting" is now a standard part of the webmail interface. IMHO, a bad idea, As I would expect a LOT of new users will use it without setting up their mailhosts. Even when those are set up, their ISP may reconfigure invalidating the established mailhosts list. But, it's not my call. Thanks. -- FF
  4. Oh, sorry, I should have been more specific. I actually have two accounts, a pre-paid reporting account and a separate webmail account but seldom use the reporting-only account any more. I would like to disable all of the quick report options from the webmail interface, including the pages that one uses to report spam which apparently are the "VER". I asked a deputy about this some time ago and was told it was not possible. However, since he also said that quick reporting was the only way to report spam, and there was no point to having a SpamCop webmail account without the quick reporting option I tend to think he may not have been correct.
  5. I'm using Firefox 5.0, under Windows 2000 Pro. I do NOT have the problem using the Gmail webmail interface. I haven't tried any others besides SpamCop and Gmail.
  6. I have decided that I will not use the "Quick" report feature. So, the only way I well send a Quick report is by accidentally clicking on the wrong button. I'd liek to have the option of disabling the Quick report feature. When the "quick" report feature was first introduced, a user had to ask to have it enabled. Is it automatically enabled for all (including new) users now?
  7. "Me too!" (and I don't have an AOL account.)
  8. Using the SpamCop webmail interface I've been unable to send to accounts with a username tagged using "+" as in "fredfighter+usenet(atsign)spamcop.net". The webmail interface 'expands' the address to "fredfighter, usenet(atsign)spamcop.net". More details can be read here: http://groups.google.com/group/news.admin....91m8W&hl=en starting with this article: http://groups.google.com/group/news.admin....IrlbI7s34U2h_Jh and continuing on for several more. It shouldn't be a hard bug to fix, but I don't know how to contact anyone who could address the matter.
  9. Agreed. By above I meant not (1) above, but hte paragraph preceding (1). If I submit to the queue I have to work through everything else in the queue to get to it. -- FF
  10. Are you sure it is possible to disable "Quick Reporting" ? -- FF
  11. VER = "Very Easy Reporting", OK that makes sense now but really, did you think I'd guess that on my own. There are three ways to submit from the Held Mail directory. 1) Quick reporting -- I do not get to see how it parses. 2) Submitting to the queue -- See above 3) Cutting and pasting from the View Source window. At this point, honesty requires that I confess that some of these otpions are not available to me as I have accidently quick reported too may of spamcops automated replies. Differential prescriptions in my left and right eye, compounded by gross carelessness is why. Thanks. -- FF
  12. Clicking on that link was the first thing I did. That took me to a long page with fine type. Rather than reading through the page from top to bottom in the hope of finding that subject heading I used the browsers search feature and the browser's search feature did not find that string on that page. Maybe it is on that page but obscured from the bowser search feature by soem HTML feature. I have read the SpamCop FAQ that is hyperlinked from somwhere near the SpamCop 'homepage" it is pretty sparse. Oddly enough, you didn;t include a hyperlink to it in your reply. Do you have touble finding it yourself? :-) No worries. My SpamCop email account will expire soon. -- FF Edited by Moderator to fix broken quote
  13. Well I did that and then used the webbrowser search for "How To Ask Questions The Smart Way" and didn't find anything on that page. The Google search at the top of the page resulted in about a hunderd hits, including this thread, but none looked particularly promising. So, I have no idea how to find it, which perhpas explains why I' not asking these questions very smartly. I think most users, upon finding themselves among the fora, will assume they have gotten lost and go back. Should they realize they have not made a msitake they are then faced with trying to figure out how to use these fora and that's a PITA. From what I have read in other articles, this is neither your fault, nor under your control so please do not take this to be criticism of yourselves. Personally, I am grateful for your replies. In people's articles I keep seeing "Pinned:" prior to a topic. Of what significance is "Pinned:"? -- FF
  14. If I submit the spam to queue by any method then to see how it parses I have to work through all the other spam in the queue to get to the spam of interest. Cutting and pasting allows me to quickly deal with spam I personally consider to deserve a higher priority. Quick reporting does not allow me to see how it parses and does not give me any control over how the complaints are directed. What is the "VEN interface"? When SpamCop added the MailHosts feature users were (mis) informed that it was not necessary to add the SpamCop mailhosts temselves. That was supposed to be done automagically by SpamCop Admin. I have added mine manually and things seem to work OK now. Concerns about line-wrap etc appear to have been spurious. -- FF
  15. I see. They don't care, they don't have to care, they have volunteers to mitigate the problem for them. -- FF
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