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  1. Jeff "All tied together" was the part that was not clear to me, and why I posted the question ... when it was still not clear to me after reading the pinned entries and FAQs. I know that POP3 facilities are not available on more recent Hotmail accounts and I wondered if there was a difference Mailhosts needed to consider. It doesn't matter too much, but out of interest, why is the name set to "Hotmail" regardless of what I specify? Seems strange to offer the facility to specify a name but sometimes to ignore it. Thanks again for your help and tolerance. Best, Julesthebit
  2. Thanks guys, I really appreciate your taking the time to reply. I read the pinned entries/FAQs but wasn't sure how it applied specifically to Hotmail and whether my hotmail accounts might have separate hosts. Julesthebit
  3. Greetings I want to use spamcop to filter more than 1 hotmail address. I have no problem with the POP3 configuration, and I got the first hotmail address configured in Mailhosts OK, but when I try to add the 2nd to my mailhosts entries it always over-writes the first. Also, no matter what I specify in the Mailhost Name it gets called simply "Hotmail". Tried deleting the first entry and starting again, got same prob. Does this matter, do I just need 1 mailhosts entry for hotmail? Thanks in anticipation .... Julesthebit