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  1. I created a filter that routes all the "To:Myname[at]spamcop.net" to a separate folder. Ocassionly I check it and delete them. If you would like assistance with the filter, pls just ask? I get a flurry of these type emails after I receive an email from a friend. He says Norton claims there is nothing on his PC that generates sends a list of emails addresss to a spamer. However, I can't ingore the flury of these forged emails occuring after each of his emails and the absence of the spam emails when he doesn't send me an email for days. Any suggestions on how to determine what is going on?
  2. Hello to All, I get newletter emails from serveral reliable sources that don't display properly. There is no header attached to get the HTML display and the sender's address is in my whitelist. How do I get the following to display properly? [Moderator edit - placed in codebox. I think we could have done without the full, gory detail but conserving it for the moment on sufferance] [Admin Edit - snipped out the unnecessary data in the posted sample of an HTML e-mail. It's not like no one here has never seen one before. Bu more importantly, the really needed data to get to the bottom of this particular e-mail's issue was in fact not provided within all that stuff posted ... specifically, the headers and MIME Boundary data. Killed off the data not usable to resolve the impact made to both this Forum section and the Portal page due to the excessively long lines in the posted data, which was then compounded by the 'codebox' edit ....]
  3. Hello folks, I recently subscribed to GorrillaTrades and they send HTML files as emails to illustrated points about a particular investment. However, I only get the source code and not the HTML image. I've looked through every bit of the spam cop options settings but I can't find a way to display the source code as a web page. I am a flat rate subscriber and I use IE. Can anyone make suggestions or helpful hints? thanks in advance, Chip PS here is the source code... I also downloaded the file and only got a partial web page display. Moderator Edit: the ton of an HTML e-mail body was deleted, as there is nothing to be gained from wasting all the vertical screen space ... (we all know what HTML e-mail looks like) .. had the headers been included, one could have ran it through the Paser and simply posted a Tracking URL (and thus putting the storage costs on a server somewhere else <g>)
  4. Just to clarify.... Goto.. Options -> SpamCop Tools -> Select your email forwarding.... and THEN SCROLL all the way down to the bottom of the screen to select the day you want to be notified. Note, you are NOT automatically notified unless you select a day. Notice that the Held Email Report is not listed in the title which temporarily delays problem resolution. Chip
  5. Hi Andrew, I'll keep working on it. Thanks Chip
  6. Hi Andrew, I use the flat rate browser based email system so your assumption is correct. The Kim Komando email i received references a FAQ and the part that probably covers my issue is one of the following corrections for other email programs. I've changed message viewing part of the options that allows HTML messages to be displayed from folks in my address book. Is there anything else I should check? ty chip Problems receiving my HTML e-mails - Images may not display by default. Click on the "Show images & enable links" button. If you are receiving the message "Sending mail attachments or embedded files with this account is not permitted," please set your Mail Controls to allow mail containing pictures and files. Eudora: - Images may not display by default. Click Tools>>Options>>Display and select "Automatically download HTML graphics". - HTML may not display properly. Click Tools>>Options, select Viewing Mail category, and in the Message Window area make sure that "Use Microsoft's viewer" is selected. Gmail: - Images may not display by default. Click on the "Display external images" link. - Images may not display by default. Click on the link to "Enable all message content." Netscape: - HTML may not display properly. In the Mail & Newsgroups section, click View>>Message Body As>>Original HTML. Opera: - Images may not display by default. Click View>>Display and uncheck "Suppress external embeds." - Images may not display. Select Tools>>Options, click on the Security tab. In the Download Images area, uncheck "Block images and other external content in HTML e-mail." Thunderbird: - Images may not display by default. Select a e-mail that has HTML in it. Click on the "Show Images" button, located on the right-hand side of the window. Note that a plain text message will not show this button.
  7. Hi folks, I get the following error message in emails I recieve from Kim Komando "If you are seeing this message your e-mail program may not be compatible with HTML." I've tried to find the proper settings in spamcop to receive Kim Komando's daily emails but I can't get it to work. Can you suggest a work around? Thanks, Chip
  8. Hi dbiel and wazoo, Thanks for the fast replies. Using BCC works like a champ and I"ll make sure to include a valid email address, mine, in the To: category. thanks again Chip
  9. Hi folks, I just created an address list of email address and I sent out an email with my new address. Unfortunately, everyone's email address was listed in the header. So how do i generate an address/distribution list so that only the name of the list appears to the receivers of my emails? I've searched al the forums and I can't find and answer. Can you help pls? Chip
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