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  1. This is part 2 of my prior post re: issue of my mail not being forwarded from spamcop. After having just re-reviewed FAQ on setting up your email, I find 2 different ways to re-configure your POP account w/Outlook Express. In the POP section of your email program, it will want the POP server name, your username, and your password. Your username and password are exactly the same as you login to webmail with. The POP server name is pop.spamcop.net. That's it. Change those three items and your email program will start downloading your email from SpamCop instead of from your old ISP. Above is #1.....pop.spamcop.net #2 is on another help page and says: mail.spamcop.net (SEE BELOW) Incoming email You can retrieve your email from the mail server via POP (most common) or IMAP. In your email program, select mail.spamcop.net as the incoming mail server. So, which one is it?? Thanks!
  2. I'm really new to all this, but desperately trying to not have to deal w/my 50+ spam daily emails. I've been using spamcop to report. Just decided to sign up for the email filtering pgm., and have paid for it, logged in successfully to the the webmail account. My spam was successfully sent to the spamcop webmail account. However, none of my Outlook Express mail was coming in. I believe I configured the POP account wrong. I want to keep my Outlook Express email address with my current ISP. Here's what I typed in to the spamcop email filtering box where you modify your POP 3 info, providing your current username (with your ISP), your password, and the POP 3 account: for POP 3 box, typed in: the POP 3 name that is set up in my OUtlook Express properties info as provided to me my by ISP, for user name, typed in my user name with my ISP, and my password. Is this right? Then, i believe I'm supposed to re-configure my info with Outlook Express, going into tools, etc., and I changed my incoming pop3 info to : pop.spamcop.net, my user name to what I signed up for with spam email, and my password. When I went back into Outlook Express and changed the POP3, username & password back to what it was, my email with Outlook Express started working. So, I'm just confused as to what I did wrong. Any help is most appreciated.
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