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  1. The correct host/domain will not stay in place. When I want to report a new spam the message gets sent to the host at the top of the list and is rejected as having an incomplete header. Then and only then can I put in the correct host and resend the spam. This is time-consuming and tiresome. How can I get the correct host/domain to stay in place?
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    :angry: onetnews--yes, all lower-case letters--touts penny stocks. I've gotten 97 spams from them in the past 2 days. Who are they? How do I get rid of them? This is probably the wrong thing to have done but I made a list of all the phony addresses they use and forwarded all their spams to each one. And I haven't gotten a spam for 3 hours now. Whoop!
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    Terrific anti-spam resource

    http://www.bluesecurity.com is a new spam-fighting group. Right now it is being Beta-tested. All Beta testers will remain in the program free when it goes on the market. I usually avoid Betas because I wouldn't know how to fix my computer if it got screwed up but I was getting so much spam I decided to take a chance. Results: no problems and certain spammers have dropped me! Give it a try. You'll love it.
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    I'll be good. I won't do it anymore. I read your links and they are completely over my head so I'll just go back to getting mad at instead of trying to get even with spammers.
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    And I thought I had something to complain about! Whoa! They're from different phony addresses--not quite the same thing. I know because all the spam I returned to these addresses came back with the info that the addresses do not exist. Agreed. Mine came from different spammers. (Yeah, right.) :angry: Ditto. I looked through the spam to find the one thing that was alike in all of them so I could have them delivered to Trash. Near the bottom all said onetnews was a delivery service, not a broker. Edited to fix quoting