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  1. "spam which typically goes to the spam folder will have to be transferred to ones inbox" Nope, the spam folder appears as Bulk Mail, which is just a folder, no copying required. Just click on Bulk Mail, select all (as appropriate), Forward As ... etc. I only now use the Yahoo web interface if I am not at my own computer. I only wish I had twigged this method of reporting spam a long time ago !! Once sent, I just hit 'J' which then classifies all the selected mails as Junk and re-files them.
  2. So how does this suggestion get referred to Spamcop Central - I tried the email address from the FAQ on the Spamcop website [news[at]news.cesmail.net] and it was not valid.
  3. I have given up with Yahoo web interface - just use an IMAP email client such as Thunderbird, to access your Yahoo account: this is possible even for a free account, and has the benefit of backing up your email locally. Most importantly you can submit the items from the Bulk Mail (spam) folder to Spamcop directly - select, Message/Foward as/Attachment Doing this also allows you to report a batch of emails at the same time in one go, impossible from the web client.
  4. When you have multiple spam reports in the system, some may already be overdue (past the 48 hours limit) but some may have a few minutes or a few hours of validity left. Currently, the Pending reports seem to be presented in order of submission to Spamcop. I would like to suggest a Preferences option that allowed these Pending reports to be presented in the most effective order: 1) Reports with least time left first 2) Reports that are overdue This would allow the maximum number of good reports to be made. As soon as you hit an 'overdue' report, you could delete the rest.
  5. The ones I report to ISPs are the contact address included by the spammer - of course, the originating email address cannot be trusted. I understand your concern, but find it a shame that Spamcop is not interested in shutting down spammers' contact emails. Maybe you could do this manually at your end - your system could collect the contact email addresses, and then on a regular basis with human oversight, could send out the ISP 'abuse' notifications. So currently if I get a 419 in my Yahoo Inbox, I - 1) send to Spamcop 2) if there is a contact address from a large ISP, forward the email to the 'abuse[at]..' 3) click the 'spam' button
  6. I note that 419-type emails usually have a contact email address, often a Yahoo or Hotmail account. Currently, Spamcop does not send reports to those ISPs. I usually manually copy the email to the appropriate abuse department with addition to subject line "spam email uses XXX account for contact address". I then subsequently get a message from (say) Yahoo implying that they have closed down the rogue account. It would be useful if Spamcop could itself generate an abuse report to the ISPs for email addresses found within the body of the message - these could be left 'unchecked' by default in the reporting web page, so that 'humans' like me could then decide that they also wanted to get the account reported.
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