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  1. Thanks JoeF ... it would be hard indeed to disagree with your assessment. What can be done to bring them to account, I ask myself - unfortunately without any ready reply.
  2. An amended version of the Custom Pages redirected original, lost in the October 2014 changes, incorporating the relevant "Where to get Help" detail from the SCWiki. Do not overlook the Forum general help file - http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?app=core&module=help SpamCop is a comprehensive service offering something for everyone in the fight against spam. In this case, COP stands for Citizen On Patrol. SpamCop Reporters patrol their mailboxes and report the spam inside. SpamCop has the following component Services and Systems: Parsing & Reporting Service Blocking List Service (SCBL) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) www.spamcop.net hyperlinked (Original) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) single-page access (much expanded) Forum Portal Page Glossary Index Page entrance to the whole thing! An alternative view suggests the following analogy; SpamCop works exactly like the credit reporting agencies, and since most people understand how that works; SpamCop == Credit Reporting Agency SpamCop Users == Various Financial Entities that report credit info ISP using SpamCop to handle incoming email == Dealership using credit report information to decide whether or not to give you the car loan Read at least one of these following entries prior to posting your query, complaint, rant, whatever. Failure to note the basic concepts may result in getting an answer that you'd probably rather not see/read! How-to Post a Question - Short Forum Use, General Intro - not so short How To Ask Questions The Smart Way - long/off-site(not SpamCop.net affiliated - just a heck of an explanation of the obvious) Note their Disclaimer!!! How to use the SpamCop.net support Forum If any/all of this existing pile of resources doesn't resolve the issue, answer the question, make you happy, then there is the option to directly contact the extremely small handfull of overworked SpamCop Staff. Two currently (and historically) handling queries are: SpamCopAdmin -- Don D'Minion/Argyle - SpamCop Administrative affairs, also serves as a Deputy * email address: service[at]admin.spamcop.net Richard W -- Richard/R.W. - Deputy (SpamCop Reporting and legacy email) * email address: deputies[at]admin.spamcop.net For an issue with the Parsing & Reporting / Blocking List systems; How do I contact a SpamCop Representative?
  3. E-mail Richard W at deputies[at]admin.spamcop.net to see if he can help with your forwarding problems.
  4. Hmmm ... softlayer,com hosting (mentioned earlier above) - https://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z6022803755z675f6f7f0149e72fb6e07ccf7f700a84z - used by flipmailer.com in some pseudo "social networking" spam malarky. Social? I'm barely civil, where did they get my detail? When I go to SenderScore.org (need an account - free - to get full detail) I see softlayer is only the tip of the iceberg, the flipmailer junk is going through at least 296 servers in many different networks in some sort of concerted way (despite softlayer hosting the designated MX servers - 10 of them - in DNS records). Maybe the same or similar in the NameCheap case which is the subject of the discussion. We know about snow-shoeing but that is ridiculous! I fear the myrmidons of spamdom may have hit upon a new and infinitely vile "paradigm" for the distribution of their feculence.
  5. Could be problem with the nameservers you are using (ISP defaults go temporarily wonky from time to time) or it could be local cache issue. Good idea to find an authoritative nameserver to verify DNS, start with a public one to do that. Or use http://centralops.net/co/DomainDossier.aspx - tick all the query boxes for a comprehensive report, including abuse addresses etc.
  6. Farelf

    Just checking

    Yes, "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress" popularised it - certainly following publication of that it entered the general vocabulary (by about 1967). It is all you ever need to know about economics.
  7. Farelf

    Just checking

    Oh, alright then, TANSTAAFL tanstaafl Tanstaafl - TWO regular expressions, this one case-insensitive
  8. Farelf

    Just checking

    Just checking - PFK - ah good, those 'free form' ones have no permanence outside of their original placement. Unlike the 'regular expressions' such as SC
  9. Farelf

    Just checking

    Activated the ACRONYM tag, using SC to bring it to life**. Apart from standard acronyms, (just the one so far) it can be used in 'free form' to add commentary, explanation to any post, readers just "hover" their cursors over the underlined text (like hovering on an xkcd cartoon) - as to be seen in the post http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/topic/14446-keep-getting-hacked-please-read/page-2#entry90756 and below. ** had to wait for a thunderstorm, lightning, threw the switch and it was done. "It's ALIVE," I cried, joyously. The wife looked at me strangely then stood firmly in front of the cutlery drawer while the cat beat a stealthy but dignified retreat.
  10. Farelf

    Just checking

    &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 'tab' tag - this has been fixed now but the fix not applied retrospectively since the tag was only available for such a short time before being scrunched in the forum update, nobbled before it was used but a handfull of times. Well, worse things happen at sea. And at least it isn't ailiased out by a 'quick' edit this time. No, no, save your applause ...
  11. Farelf

    Just checking

    Munging e-mail addresses [at] [at]domain account[at] account[at]domain Not quite as elegant as I remember it but near enough for government work.
  12. Farelf

    Just checking

    A "new" BB Code 'TAB': &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Here is an example of the 'tab' tag used to indent the beginning of a block of text. Only the first characters/line following the tag should indented, by one standard tab space (5 spaces), succeeding lines within the same text block defined by the tag revert to their normal left margin. No, I don't know what happens if you use it in conjunction with the other text positioning tags, 'right', 'left' or 'center', I leave that as an exercise for the student. Note, once posted, use only "FULL Edit" else the non-breaking space characters become those annoying substitutions ( Â Â Â Â Â ) instead of clear space. Easily recovered - just re-edit (no changes needed) in full edit mode and submit. Now, instead of a 3-character ellipsis one can use the 11 characters of opening and closing 'tab' tags. And at last we can show in plain text what headers with line continuation indents look like. Even 'code' didn't always show that EXACTLY. Received: from icp-osb-smtpdir7.iinet.net.au ([]) by icp-osb-dovedir-wa2.iinet.net.au (Dovecot) with LMTP id ZL55FQhpy1P3LAAA3sXqFA ; Sun, 20 Jul 2014 09:00:07 +0000
  13. Farelf

    Just checking

    Leading tabs and/or blanks are eliminated in posts (except inside 'code' and 'codebox' tabs IIRC). 'indent' works with an HTML <span> tag so is (effectively) a paragraph-type thing. I guess there are other ways but I don't know any off-hand.
  14. Farelf

    Just checking

    When forum auto whitespace removal isn't the look you're after (and 'center' doesn't quite do it) use the (newly-added) 'indent' tag (twice) - lack of which had bugged me for a while ...
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