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  1. Yup seeing this too, as of yesterday. I wasn't sure if it was a man-in-the-middle attack or legit. (Actually surprised it was legit, they're usually pretty good staying on top of this sort of stuff.) Thank goodness for webmail via mail.spamcop.net but I really would like to be using my mail client. Look like we'll just have to hold out until Monday.
  2. The main problem: I cannot access my account via: http://webmail.cesmail.net I just discovered (after searching way too long around the forums) that the beta (I believe http://webmailbeta.spamcop.net) does indeed work. 2ndary problem: I don't even know if this is the appropriate place to be mentioning an account specific issue. I believe it's something only an admin can fix, and since the description here is: "This is a User to User Support ForumThe primary mode of support here is peer-to-peer, meaning users helping other users..." It makes me think there is a better place I should be asking this. If there is a better place, it isn't intuitive. This isn't the first time I've posted the confusion I've had to get help.
  3. agsteele: Thank you for responding. Dang, I wish those spam checks were done later. I currently whitelist individuals but this is relating to an e-mail list I am on where the sender changes frequently (but the subject is always tagged with the same keyword.) Jeff G.: I agree that the design is less than optimal. I really wish filters I setup were used before Spamcop's spam filters are utilized. Also thank you for telling me about deselecting the "stop checking..." feature. I assumed it worked like most popular mail programs (e.g., Thunderbird, Outlook, etc...) and only apply to a single message. turetzsr: I appreciate you taking the time to respond, and for linking to that notice. I had yet to see anything pointing to official contact until your message; and I made a good effort looking in order to not setup an account here. Granted I was looking on the Spamcop web pages and not the forum pages, and am disappointed that I had to go to the forum system to receive an e-mail and/or phone number for support. Overall, I'm surprised that this is the standard Spamcop process and that the issue is not my account. My valid, easily filtered, e-mail messages being placed into the held mail folder is aggravating. I feel that in order not repeatedly keep checking my held mail for non-spam that I (the user) should be able to control whether a message is marked as "spam" before the generalized system does so. (I'm also pleasantly surprised at the quick and insightful help I received. Thank you!)
  4. Disclaimer: I'd much rather send a personal e-mail (or phone call) to someone about this then air it all to be seen on a message board but SpamCop hasn't given me much of an option. I don't think the public can really help me with this, as the issue is with my spamcop account itself.... I've had e-mails sent to my "held mail" folder that have cleared matched my filter rules. There is one filter rule in particular that is evaluated first and all rules are stopped after that. No matter how I tweak the rule stuff still gets put into "held mail". Would someone from Spamcop please look into this. If there is something obvious that I'm missing to make this filter active, I'd like to know... otherwise if it is the system I'd like to be informed when it's fixed. My e-mail: tronster[at]cesmail.net My cell: 410-299-6348 Cheers. Tronster Hartley, long time spamcop mail user
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