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  1. Hi, when I look at spamcop stats page, I see a doubling of spam within about a year. (For me personally this is not a problem, as I didn't experience any significant increase.) Does anyone have a hint wether this is a real increase of spam level or just one of reporting ratio? Dominik
  2. HI, looking at the stats diagram, you perceive that in june, about 1.6 reports were sent per submitted spam, while in october, the ratio has continuously fallen to about 1. I am just interested in possible reasons for that. Does anybody know anything about that? Dominik
  3. Hi, recently, I wound up with on email account less, and this is the story: I send regularly spam reports via quick reporting, with all the nice stock alerts etc as attachment and some phishing mails too. At web.de, which is my isp, they have a nice pretty malware scanner, ClamAV, that checks mails of their clients before scooping them out into the world (which is good) and that recognizes phishing scams too. So, one day a preformulated mail comes to me saying: "You are sending phishing mails. Probably Your box is infested. Don't do that again! What can You tell us about that?" So I sent them back a notice "Stay cool. That's only my spam reports you see in the malware alerts. Check the addresses and You'll see. Mail me again, if there is a problem with that." Some days later, the account was stone-dead. I admit I was a bit disgruntled. I wrote them sanctimoniously "Oh, what has happened to my account?" and they told me "Dude, You are spewing out masses of phishing mails. Load down that antivirus software, scan your discs, photograph the result screen via prtscreen and send it to us - then we will reanimate your account." I shrugged my shoulders and did so, not without emphasizing, that there had of course never been any bot in my box and that I was a bit disaffected about my mails not beeing read, let alone answered. Still and silently, my account awoke to a new life. Apparently, spam reporting is not, what ISPs expect their clients to do. Have a nice day Dominik
  4. Hi, thanks for the reply. I don't think that. I have one and only one email address at each of 4 mail providers (mailhosts). Right, the list of mailhosts I can see on the mailhosts configuration window is perfectly o.k. My argument is the following: I want to do quick reporting. To do that I want to / have to check, whether every mailhost configured is configured correctly. The check of a mailhost configuration works with spams having come to me over the mailhost in question, by submitting them to spamcop and checking, whether the provider isn't identified as source of spam (and hasn't got an increased probability to be blacklisted). For 3 of my used mailhosts I don't yet have spam to do this proceeding. And the main question is: Is there another check mechanism than described in 3. ? Good night/evening out there (here it is 1am) Dominik
  5. Hi, It is said to check the correct setup of mailhosts before quick reporting. This is no problem with my main address, over wich i get buckets full of spam. It is nearly impossible with my other addresses/mailhosts, which I added "just in case", where I get no to very scarce spam. Is there another method to check the correct setup of those channels? E.g. faking a spam and sending it to myself over them, or something the like? BTW: When checking the correctness of a report, I see the addresses to where the complaint is sent. Where do I find the IP numbers / domainnames going to be put onto the spamcop blacklist? Dominik
  6. Just to make it clear: Quick reporting by email is available only for holders of a payed spamcop email account? Dominik
  7. I'd just like to express my support of the proposed user interface change, even if it might not be put in reality soon due to scarce programming time. In my experience, the spamvertized websites or admin addresses mean nothing to me, so I just accept the proposals every time. "Innocent Bystander" sites must be filtered automatically via a kind of whitelist, once it is clear, they are. The normal user cannot recogize them anyway in the vast majority of cases. That means, that this visual checking can be cancelled right away. The alternative would be, to be able to choose to not report any spamvertized website at all, which would clearly make visual checking obsolete too. Now, that hopefully every spamcop user gave the information of his email account data, the possibility of reporting my own provider is much more reliably prevented automatically than by visual checking. Even if there is the possibility to use quick reporting, there are still a lot of "normal" spamcop contributors like me out there, so that a streamlining of the confirmation interface would make sense. A table with sender, subject, a checkbox for "submit report" and a link "open full report in new window" in each line would be my favorite thing. At the bottom a "submit all checked messages and delete the rest" button would make it complete.
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