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  1. Same here. Been blowing through Gmail's spam filters even
  2. Been getting a lot of crud from these people the last 7 days via Gmail (no other inboxes). Being sent from different sources, blasting through spam filters. Site's hosted on Incapsula, which is cloud-based (another AmazonAWS-like vulnerability?) Anyone else getting these?
  3. Thanks! Sorry for the OT, I misunderstood. turetzsr - despite electronics engineering training, I kan't spel worth carp
  4. Maybe clear your cache? I'm running a painfully old browser (FF3.0.6 .... don't ask >_<) and it shows up-to-date
  5. What about compliments to SpamCop, like Stopforumspam.com?
  6. Way back in the early 90's, that disc of emails was such an accepted way of marketing, most city councils sold them for $0.25/address! My, how things have changed.
  7. Reminds me of a neighbour. He parked his Mercedes on the road with the most advanced (at the time) alarm system. Remote notification, seat zapper, etc. One day he went to his car and found the alarm box on the side of the road and the car gone. Bottom line: If they really want you, they will get you! There's a 777 at the bottom of the Indian Ocean if you doubt that fact
  8. One of my clients showed me a URL that redirected 72 times before hitting a very nasty "Typhoid Mary" server in the Bahamas. It went there in a "pop under" so the user never saw the delay until it was too late
  9. Lotsa luck on that one. Our Privacy Commissioner (Canada) has been trying to get FB to follow the rules for years, to no avail. They're the biggest source of info the NSA and other agencies has ever seen and can pretty much get away with anything.
  10. I've been getting spam from China with a vengeance this past week Reporting every bit of it until the reports for their host get disabled in short order
  11. You don't. Every service is exploited and every service is likely on at least one black list. 6500 is not a large number... why not operate your own service? Coming from your own servers, there's a less likelyhood of being reported, other than the odd automated "oops". Cheers!
  12. Actually, you should reply with that I've had the odd success at helping senders/sysops understand that they are sending spam and it's a bad thing. Cheers!
  13. When ATM cards first hit Canada, they all allowed a 6-digit PIN and one Credit Union allowed up to 12. Whose the herpty-derp that standardized it at 4?
  14. Unlike other mail/web filters, Cisco isn't politically motivated. I'll happily toss them a couple of quid.
  15. Definate possibility. That's what happened to me when I went on Shaw as an ISP .... my ISP assigned Email address is useless because there's several hundred using the same SMTP output IP for my area
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