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  1. i tried with firefox v 78.6.1 esr, i tried with microsoft edge v 87.0.664.75, i tried with google chrome v 88.0.4324.96 but the problem remains .... the code is not shown .... I did it with internet explorer
  2. I use firefox.... i will try with edge
  3. Goodmorning everyone I would like to report spam emails that I receive numerous every day but I have some problems with registering at www.spamcop.net, I enter the 'register now' page and down I find the form to fill in for registration 'Display name (full name or alias): ',' Email address' and 'Enter code' but no code is displayed. image I also wanted to point out that on this 'Simple instruction' page there are various links that don't work, for example: ecc Thanks for your help
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